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Cape May Brewing Company Wins Eagles/Pats Wager, Night Shift Here to Settle Bet on 2/17!

E-A-G-L-E-S!  Expect to hear a bunch of Eagles chants and good-natured trash talking as Night Shift Brewing Company comes to Cape May Brewing Company on 2/17 to settle a wager made between the breweries on the Super Bowl.  This event will benefit Eagles Charities and will be a lot of fun!  More details in the press release below!

From The Press Release:

Cape May Brewing Company Celebrates Eagles Win!

Cape May, NJ — Cape May Brewing Company is celebrating the Eagles’ recent big win with a celebration in their Tasting Room at 1288 Hornet Road in the Cape May Airport. In the weeks before the big game, the brewery entered into a friendly wager with Massachusetts-based Night Shift Brewing. On February 17th, representatives from Night Shift will be on-hand in the Cape May Brewing Company Tasting Room from 4-5pm to settle the wager.

“It’s really been a great time working with these guys,” says Cape May Brewing Company CEO and co-founder Ryan Krill. “We were both hoping to see our teams win, but they’ve been gracious, even in the face of their home team’s loss. The Eagles prevailed and so did CMBC!”

Kicking off a 4pm, Night Shift owner Mike O’Mara will be behind the bar at Cape May Brewing Company serving Cape May Brewing Company beers while wearing a Patriots jersey with “We Lost” emblazoned on the back. All tips collected during this hour will be donated to the Eagles Charitable Foundation.

“We love the opportunity to stir up a little bit of friendly competition with other great craft breweries,” says Kim Currier, Marketing Director at Night Shift Brewing. “Although we are bummed that the Patriots lost, it was a well-played game and we have to give credit where credit is due. The Eagles out-played us so now we have a good reason to visit CMBC, making the loss even a little less painful. We hope Mike, one of our co-founders, has a great day serving beers to all of the fans down in the NJ/Philly area and we are honored to be able to donate his tips to support the Eagles Charitable Foundation.”

In addition, Cape May Brewing Company will be tapping a special firkin of their recent Northeast Pale Ale commemorating the US Coast Guard, Always Ready. With five varieties of hops and wheat and oats in the grain bill, this pale ale is bursting with aromas of tropical fruits such as pineapple, mango, and citrus zest. For the event, the brewers will be creating a Boston Cream Pale Ale: Always Ready conditioned with lactose, chocolate and vanilla.

For more information on Cape May Brewing Company — including for tours and tastings — see or call (609) 849-9933.

Breweries Events

Backward Flag Brewing Reopened This Weekend and is Bigger and Better Than Ever!


With those 2 words everyone’s favorite veteran owned and operated brewery reopened this past weekend to standing room only crowds! Backward Flag recently completed a huge upgrade to its brewhouse, more than doubling in size to a 10 barrel facility with state of the art equipment. That means more beer, but also more opportunity to support the veteran and law enforcement community, the mission of owner Torie Fisher since the brewery opened in 2015.

The brewery was closed the month of January to install the machinery, plumbing, train the staff and of course, brew more beer to fill all of those new tanks!

Mil-Spec Black IPA, Oak Armored Ale and the annual January favorite, Raisin Bread (made with 10 pounds of raisins and Saigon Cinnamon) were among the brews on tap with more on the way.

Congratulations and good luck to Torie and her team at Backward Flag!
Welcome back!

Breweries Events

Three 3’s Celebrating Their 2nd Anniversary on 2/3!

In this season of brewery anniversaries, our friends at Three 3’s Brewing Company of Hammonton joins the party celebrating their 2nd Anniversary on Saturday, February 2nd at 1 PM. There are lots of fun things going on including free raffles every hour, Pop Shop Food Truck, Cake, and new beers tapping at 1 and 5 pm. They have been making daily announcements of the beers on tap and today the 12th one will be announced on 2/1 at 3:33 pm on their Facebook page, so make sure you check them out!  I also have a little inside information that another announcement may be made at that time, so make sure you go to Three 3’s on Facebook!

Things have really boomed for Three 3’s since their last anniversary.  They have increased their distribution over a wider area of the state and beer aficionados everywhere are always quick to come try their new releases.  Three 3’s was widely known for producing great IPA’s, but they also have really expanded their tap list with some great Stouts, Pale Ales, Saisons, and Porters.  Just last week they released a unique collaboration that they did with Brotherton Brewing Company called Unfathomable Transgression, a unique “Jersey Style” Hazy Lager.  Bugg Juice was also the winner of the 2017 IPA Smackdown at Cork City in Hoboken in a blind taste test. In addition, Totally Drenched was named Best DIPA at the Maloney’s IPA Competition, and they won a Kick the Keg event at the Mellow Mushroom in Toms River.  That is what I would call a pretty good run! I was able to ask Mike Geller of Three 3’s a few questions regarding the brewery and the answers are quite interesting!

Since your last anniversary things have really boomed for the brewery,  What are some of the things that you attribute this too?  

We don’t think there’s any one specific factor this can be attributed to, but we’ll certainly share some thoughts. First and foremost is the support of the local community. Without local support, a tasting room cannot succeed, and we’re extremely grateful for the support we have and continue to receive. To grow outside the local area, we’ve been more active in participating in beer festivals throughout the state, and beer events in general. The exposure to people who may not know where Hammonton is located is invaluable. Being in a small, close-knit town has advantages and disadvantages and while our local community’s support is extremely important, the small town setting necessitates gaining acceptance in the marketplace across the state. Seeing this acceptance and the demand for cans led us into canning one of our most popular beers, Drenched at the end of the summer. I think cans play an enormous role as they’re easily shared, traded and moved not just around town, but across the country. This acceptance and an investment into a pilot system has allowed us to create small-batch beers through our Evolution line which have been extremely well received. It’s a cool way for us to get really creative and make something exclusively available in our tasting room.

Where do you see the brewery when you celebrate your next anniversary?

By next year, we hope to grow fairly significantly. We’re in the final stages of negotiations to begin distributing into Philadelphia to get our beer out into a large market that is just across the river. By next year we hope to expand our cellar capacity. We’re in the process now of adding our first Brite tank, which will provide much needed additional capacity and will help us in an effort to make cans available more regularly. We also anticipate releasing more beers through our Evolution Series and launching a new experimental series focusing on darker beer styles. We’ll hopefully be able to share more soon on that.

Three 3’s started canning this year.  Will we see more this year?  Any thoughts on distribution to other parts of the state?

Definitely, we have plans to continue canning and are currently planning the next run. As for distributing cans, we did distribute a small number of cans from both runs we’ve done. Unfortunately, with limited capacity, this meant that stores received one or two cases which didn’t keep the beer on the shelves regularly. On that note, we will be launching a brand new beer this spring, exclusively in cans which will leverage some of the lessons learned through our Evolution series. We can’t say much more now, but stay tuned at AC Beer Fest for more details!

Congratulations to the entire staff of Three 3’s Brewing Company for reaching another milestone.  We look forward to big things in the upcoming year.

Breweries Events

Glasstown Brewing Company Celebrating Their 4th Anniversary on 1/27!

This week I traveled to Millville to sit down with Paul and Jenifer Simmons of Glasstown Brewing Company to talk about the past, present, and future of the brewery. It’s hard to believe, but Glasstown will be celebrating their 4 year anniversary this Saturday, January 27th from 12 pm-8 pm at the taproom. Glasstown was one of the first breweries in South Jersey and, until this week, the only brewery in Cumberland County.  Paul and Jenifer are great people who are widely recognized in the brewing community as mentors and have been generous in helping breweries that have opened in South Jersey.

I started the conversation by asking Paul what made him want to brew his first beer. He explained that he had brewed a few times in college with some Mr. Beer kits, and had been drinking a lot of craft beer, but it wasn’t until he passed by a homebrew shop, stopped in and looked at all the supplies that his and Jenifer’s interest was really piqued. They didn’t buy anything, but did go home and got on the computer to research some more and found Northern Brewer and More Beer and saw all the different kinds of beer you could make. That was the start of what would become one of the more respected breweries in our area.

In 2009 Paul and Jenifer moved to Millville from Cape May County where Paul was bartending in the summer. With his winter weekends open he couldn’t think of anything better to do in the fall/winter but to brew beer and watch football. It wasn’t long before they went all in on their passion and found a building to house their brewery at the Millville Airport. They opened in December of 2013, and started out brewing 12 gallons at a time on a Sabco system. That lasted about 3 months until they upgraded to a Handmade 1 ½ BBL system which they used for the next 3 months. Then one day while flipping through ads on Pro Brewer, Paul found a 3 BBL system for sale in Ohio. After an impromptu road trip, and some finagling of funds, the stars aligned and they were able to get the 3 BBL system much sooner than they had originally thought. They are still brewing on that system today, but have 6- 10BBL fermenters, and 8-7BBL fermenters (and the original 2- 3BBL kept for experimental batches). They are hoping to add 2 more 7BBL fermenters which will hopefully allow them to be open 7 days a week in the summer.

Along with the expansion of the brewhouse came the expansion of employees. Paul was full-time from the beginning which really helped speed things up (rather than getting there when he could) and Jennifer working part-time while still working her job until November of 2016 when she was able to work full-time to fulfill their dream of being a full-time business. Soon after they realized that they needed more help.  They started hiring a month and a half into it, and it hasn’t stopped. To date, they have 4 full-time and 2 part-time employees and may have to add another part-timer in the spring. In addition Jenifer’s Brother Mike works there and also does the artwork for the brewery as well.

When asked how the landscape of breweries have changed since they opened Paul said, “it would probably be the number of breweries that have opened. We applied the same time as Village Idiot and our ABC Brewers License numbers are 13 and 14, and we are in the 80’s now with more on the way”. Paul continued, “there is also a lot of great beer being made, and New Jersey is starting to get the recognition they deserve”.

Now on to the big anniversary event on Saturday. They will be releasing 2 beers for their 4th anniversary. First up is their Big Breakfast Coffee Maple Porter brewed with bourbon soaked oak chips to give it some barrel aged characteristics, and topping out higher than the original 7.2% ABV. There will be 600 22oz bomber bottles available, so when it’s gone, it’s gone. They are also doing a variation of their 609 IPA on draft only. They just surpassed their 100th batch of this fan favorite so they did a little change with the hop profile by adding some Galaxy hops for a little zing, and it will also look more like an NE style IPA. I really enjoyed sitting down with Paul and Jenifer, and wish them 50 more anniversaries. I also did our 10 questions with the brewer that will be coming out soon. Do yourself a favor, and come celebrate with the whole crew, and drink some of their delicious beers. You can bet I’ll be there. As always…….

Enjoy Your Pour!


Atlantic City Beer & Music Festival Will Be Bigger And Better This Year!

The Atlantic City Beer & Music Festival is returning on March 23-24 at the Atlantic City Convention Center.  Back for its 13th year, this year’s festival is going to be the biggest ever with nearly 200 breweries serving just shy of 1000 different beers.  Plus, the music just keeps getting better with a stellar lineup that includes Descendents, Pepper, and the Mighty Mighty BossTones!

We are very lucky to have this festival here in South Jersey.  AC Beer Fest is not only the biggest and best in the area, last year it was voted the 2nd Best Beer Festival in the ENTIRE country by USA Today finishing just behind the Great American Beer Fest in Denver, Colorado (and they have a 20+ year head start!).  Every year Jon Henderson and the gang from Good Time Tricycle Productions put on a fantastic event that just keeps getting bigger and better every year.

Video Credit Atlantic City Beer & Music Festival

Once again this year there are 3 sessions.  The first session will be held on Friday, March 23rd from 8 pm-12 Midnight.  The second and third sessions will be held on Saturday, March 24th from 12 pm-4pm and the last session from 6 pm-10 pm.  The Hops Trot 5K will also be returning for its third year on Saturday at 10:30 Am and will start and finish at the Atlantic City Convention Center.  This is just not a jog for your health, along the way there will be 6 stops (or so) on the way at some of AC’s best beer joints to sample some fine New Jersey Beer!

This year we are happy to announce that South Jersey Beer Scene will be on site taping segments for our brand-spankin’ new podcast that is launching next week right here and on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play.  The South Jersey Beer Scene Podcast will bring you interviews, news, events, and everything beer that is going on in South Jersey.  So if you go, stop by the booth and say hi!

The tickets always go fast, so visit NOW to make sure you are part of the fun!