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Lady In Room #10, Cape May Brewing Company’s Latest Barrel Aged Series Offering Releases Saturday, October 21st

Cape May Brewing Company is at it again!  Another offering from their Barrel-Aged Series will be releasing this Saturday, October 21st at the brewery.  We have really enjoyed the series and this looks like another winner that is 18 months in the making.

From The Press Release:

Cape May, NJ — Cape May Brewing Company is pleased to announce the latest release in their widely-acclaimed Barrel Aged Series: Lady in Room #10, a sour brown ale aged in red wine barrels for eighteen months on black currants and plums releases from their Brewtique at 1288 Hornet Road in the Cape May Airport on Saturday, October 21st.

“Our Barrel Aged Series is one of the most forward-thinking and innovative things we’ve done as a brewery,” said Ryan Krill, CEO and co-owner of Cape May Brewing Company, “and Lady in Room #10 is the culmination of nearly three years of experimentation, ingenuity, and creativity.

“Our Barrel Aged Series has lead to some of our most well-received beers to date, and we’re certain that Lady in Room #10 will exceed all expectations.”

Lady in Room #10 is barrel-aged autumn splendor. This limited release was lovingly crafted over the past year-and-a-half, hand-bottled with care in a gorgeous 750ml bottle, hand-dipped in wax, and bottle-conditioned to perfection. Lady in Room #10 has an assertive malt character balanced by its rich, jam-like fruit flavors, the brew’s sourness remaining front-and-center while being well-rounded by the oaken and vinous character provided by the eighteen months spent in red wine barrels with a delectable helping of black currants and plums.

“You get the black currants and plums up front with this rich jam-like quality,” says CMBC Head Brewer Brian Hink. “There’s an underlying maltiness due to the base beer, the barrel’s character is present, the sourness is front and center, but it quickly lets the other aspects shine through, this really is a fully-painted picture.”

Black currants, not particularly well-known in the United States, are a tart and juicy berry popular in Northern Europe.

“I was first introduced to black currants when I lived in the UK,” says Director of Brewing Operations Jimmy Valm. “Black currant flavor is similar to blackberries, but more acidic. This is why we chose it for Lady In Room #10: we wanted to bring out the acidic notes of the base beer more, but by using a fruity tone to achieve that as opposed to more sour notes.”

Like an explosion of fall colors in the turning leaves, the result is a symphony of flavors in complete harmony with one another, well-rounded, balanced, and with a depth of character you won’t find elsewhere.

Named for one of Cape May’s many famed ghost stories, Miss Wright returned to her beloved room #10 at the Hotel Macomber each summer, bathed in perfume and talking up a storm, with her trusty steamer trunk in tow. Death hasn’t stopped her return, and she joins the numerous specters at the Macomber in haunting room #10.

This limited offering releases October 21st from CMBC’s Brewtique at 1288 Hornet Road in the Cape May Airport, just in time for Halloween. A special sixtel of Lady in Room #10 will be tapped in the Tasting Room, with brewers available from 12-3pm to discuss CMBC’s barrel-aging program.

“Grab a few bottles and see for yourself,” Hink says. “I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

Events News

VOTE BEER! Support New Jersey Breweries Event 10/24/17 at Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing

The New Jersey Brewers Association is holding a special event at Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing in Cherry Hill on Tuesday, October 24th from 6-8 pm to raise money for the New Jersey Craft Brewers PAC. Tickets for the event are $25 and will include 2 full pours of special beers and light fare.  These two entities are working throughout the state raising brewery awareness and fighting for better laws for all of New Jersey’s breweries.  A PAC, or political action committee, is a type of an organization that pools campaign contributions from members and donates those funds to campaign for or against candidates, ballot initiatives, or legislation.  PAC’s are a way to pool resources to be able to affect change and, in today’s political climate, donating to a PAC that shares your beliefs is one of the best ways to make your money work with like-minded people and have your voice heard.

A great percentage of New Jersey’s Breweries run on shoestring budgets who entered this business for the love of beer and the art of beermaking, not to be millionaires. That is why it is so important that the brewing community has these organizations to stand behind them and help them navigate the laws, give direction, and work with State Representatives and their constituents for better legislation for New Jersey Breweries.

We also sometimes forget about all of the people that breweries employ.  In addition to the brewer, you have taproom servers, delivery drivers, assistant brewers, cellarmen, merchandisers, sales reps, and many more people that make a living from the brewery that needs our help as well.

If you love New Jersey Breweries and want to support them this is a great way to spend a few bucks.  If you cannot attend the event and still want to contribute you can also follow the ticket link and donate whatever you can to help support a cause you believe in, from places that you enjoy to patronize, is money well spent.


For Information and Tickets Please Click the Link Below!

Vote Beer! Support NJ Breweries Tickets

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Ocean County Homebrewers Vs. Monmouth County Homebrewers! Battle: American Porter

On Friday, September 26th, Icarus Brewing of Lakewood hosted the American Porter competition which The Ocean County Homebrewers Association faced off against the Monmouth County Homebrewers Association.  After Judges Jason Goldstein (Icarus Brewing), Torie Fisher (Backward Flag Brewing), and Joellen Ford (The Brewer’s Apprentice of Freehold) sampled the entries, the gold medal was awarded to the Ocean County team of Dave Menges and Patrick Scott.

Winners Dave Menges and Patrick Scott (Photo courtesy of Vic Sbailo)

“The clubs had a great time getting to know each other and trading ideas, so we will be planning more joint meetings and collaborations” our own Vic Sbailo, President of the Ocean County Home Brewers Association told us.

Ocean County Home Brewers Association President Vic Sbailo, along with former presidents Joe McCall and Brian Fischer (Photo Courtesy of Vic Sbailo)

Homebrewing is where most, if not all, of the brewers that I know, have gotten their start.  It is a great hobby enjoyed by many, but getting started can be a little bit confusing.  What to brew, how to brew it, and how much to brew are all considerations that need to be explored prior to becoming an amateur brewer and there is no better way to learn than going to one of the many homebrew clubs in the area and learn from the people who have done it.  Check out any of the organizations below to find out when they are meeting to join the fun.

Ocean County Homebrewers Association

Monmouth County Homebrewers Association

Barley Legal Homebrewers

Brew Jersey Home Brew Club

Cape May Brewers Guild

Also, remember to support your local homebrew stores!

Eastern Homebrew, Northfield

Keg & Barrel Homebrew Supply, Berlin

The Brewer’s Apprentice, Freehold

Events News

Here’s What’s On Tap This Week

Tuesday, September 26th

7 Mile Brewery will be having their weekly Quizzo night with Joe Gaughan hosting at 7 pm. 7 Rounds of 7 Questions including 7-minute speed round! Winner gets a $25 gift certificate. They will be open today from 12pm-10pm.

Pinelands Brewing Company hosts Brew Days tonight at the taproom. In September, 10% of all sales on Tuesdays between the hours of 6-9 pm will be earmarked for Mama’s-gona Rescue.

Wednesday, September 27th

Slack Tide Brewing Company is open tonight from 2-8 pm to help you celebrate hump day!  Stay tuned for a great “10 Questions with…” Tadhg Campbell, Head Brewer next week on the site!

Thursday, September 28th

Human Village Brewing Company is having an Open Mic Night hosted by Jacob Graff. Musicians are encouraged to come by 6:30 PM in order to sign up to play.

Death of the Fox Brewing Company has Tom Chirip playing live in the tasting room tonight from 7:30-9:30 will play a mix of original music and covers from the Great American Rock and Roll Songbook!

Friday, September 29th

Vinyl Brewing in Hammonton will open their doors to the public today at 4 pm!  Come out and welcome South Jersey’s newest brewery in celebrating their grand opening!  Congrats to Jim and everyone at Vinyl Brewing for a day that has been a long time coming!

Cape May Brewing Co will be having a Tap Takeover on the Spirit of Cape May Sunset Cruise.  Tix are $55 and reservations are a MUST.  Follow the link below for tickets and more information

Cape May Brewing Co. Sunset Cruise and Tap Takeover

Double Nickel Brewing Company is hosting MGK’s Friday Night Flights with Ray Koob, a craft beer sampling, and live broadcast. Rock out with Ray and enjoy $6 flights that include a barrel aged beer.

Icarus Brewing Co will be having a release party for the Icarus Pine Devil at Three B’s Bar and Bistro in Lakehurst this at 6:30. There will be an additional 5 Icarus beers on tap for your drinking pleasure!

Saturday, September 30th

Garden State Beer Company will be celebrating Oktoberfest today at the tasting room!release of our Oktober Ale and Headless Hessian Pumpkin Ale!  TJ’s BBQ Catering will be on hand serving up some amazing food and The Indelible Groove will be playing from 5pm-9pm!

Tomfoolery Brewing’s Oktoberfest 2017 is today at the tasting room from 12-9 pm! Join them as Tomfoolery celebrates the fall harvest with classic German oompah music and the release of two beers: Bob’s Bottlehouse Bock and Oktoberfest!


Kane Brewing Company Issues Statement on Mexican Brunch Foaming, Announces Refunds

Kane Brewing Company has announced via email that they will be refunding all sales of Mexican Brunch that were purchased for this past weekend’s bottle release.  On Saturday night we started hearing of foaming issues with the beer on social media and we experienced it first-hand with a bottle we opened on Sunday.  We  just chalked it up to the heat, or possibly not being chilled enough.  The beer was delicious and we had no worries that there was an issue with the beer.

Kane obviously felt that it needed to be explored and have decided to refund everyone for the bottles within the next 24-48 hours.  They are doing this because “Since we opened in 2011 our focus has been on setting and maintaining a consistently high level of quality.  With this bottle release we didn’t meet those high internal standards we set for ourselves” As I have said THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THE BEER!  Kane has made the decision based on their own internal standards and is not asking for the bottles back, and gave some suggestions on how to serve the beer to keep the foaming to a minimum.

Needless to say, this is a huge loss of money for Kane and an incredible show of how much Kane not only talks the talk but walks the walk.  Kudos to Michael Kane and his staff for not only setting high standards but also following those standards that were set in spite of taking a huge monetary loss.

Here is the email that was sent today to those who purchased Mexican Brunch:

A Message from Kane Brewing Company:

Over the weekend we became aware of some incidents of Mexican Brunch bottles foaming when opened.  We take any potential issues regarding quality seriously and so starting Monday morning we began investigating the issue to determine whether there was a problem.  As with all our bottled and canned beers, Mexican Brunch went through a series of laboratory tests to detect any beer spoiling contaminants in the tank and once again in the package – all of which came back negative prior to its release. 

Our first step was to re-run all those tests yesterday to confirm that the beer was negative—which it is.  We also re-tested the carbonation levels in the bottles.  The result was between 2.2-2.4 volumes of carbonation which is in the correct tolerance for this beer (Head High is carbonated at 2.5 volumes as a point of reference).  We then proceeded to open a few cases of archived bottles that we save from each release that were from different points in the bottling run.  Our results mirrored what we are hearing in the market place.  A large portion of our bottles were fine, but we did encounter some that foamed when opened.  Since we ruled out contamination and over-carbonation, we then considered other causes of foaming in beer–specifically nucleation points. 

After some research, we believe that the foaming in some bottles was caused by nucleation points which is attributed to the abundant amount of the specific spices we used in Mexican Brunch.  As we got closer to the end of the bottling run more of the spice particulates that had settled to the bottom of the tank ended up in some of the bottles.  These spice particulates when in abundance cause CO2 to rapidly break out of solution creating excess foaming.

Since we have no way of knowing which bottles or how many are impacted, we are issuing a full refund to anyone who purchased Mexican Brunch.  We are not asking for the bottles back or that you discard them because there is no issue with the beer and the flavor should not be impacted.  There is also no need to store them cold, but we do recommend that you chill the bottles down completely prior to opening and pour quickly into a glass once opened.  Since we opened in 2011 our focus has been on setting and maintaining a consistently high level of quality.  With this bottle release we didn’t met those high internal standards we set for ourselves.  We will continue to research this issue to prevent this problem in the future.  The refund will post to your accounts within 24-48 hours.  If you have any questions at all please email us at