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Cape May Brewing Company Having A Double Bottle Release on Saturday, 8/19

Cape May Brewing Company is releasing two bottles from their Barrel Aged Series on 8/19 at the brewery, Phantom Crew, and Higbee.  The Barrel Aged Series has been great so far, and a double bottle release just means twice the fun!

From the Press Release:

Cape May Brewing Company is pleased to announce a double release in their Barrel Aged Series. On Saturday, August 19, Phantom Crew and Higbee will release from their Brewtique at 1288 Hornet Road in the Cape May Airport.

“Our Barrel Aged Series is really coming into its own,” says CMBC president and co-owner Ryan Krill. “With this double release, our fans can expect two brews that will change minds as to what a barrel-aged beer can be.”

Taking inspiration for names from the ghost stories that abound throughout Cape May, these next two releases are no different.

Higbee is named for Thomas Higbee, whose ghost is said to haunt the beach that bears his name. After leaving the family inn and farmstead to his niece, Etta, in his will, Higbee stipulated that he be buried on the beach, overlooking the view he so loved in life. Nonetheless, Etta moved his body to be interred with her at Cold Spring Cemetery, leaving behind his ornate grave.

Visitors to the beach report an “old looking” man who looks right through them, as if unaware that they exist. His apparition marked by the sound of children’s laughter, he’s of an odd color, a pale, glowing gray, dressed in tattered pants too short for his frame, a sash for a belt, and a t-shirt that had seen better days.

To honor Thomas Higbee, CMBC has brewed a Golden Sour, sharply acidic with a dry finish, the rustic funk in this iteration of their Barrel Aged Series is matched by a smooth vinous character. Aged for seventeen months, Higbee is blended to be well-rounded and approachable. Beer drinkers can expect fruity and acidic notes with undertones of red wine.

“I love how vinous this one has turned out,” says CMBC Director of Brewing Operations Jimmy Valm. “It’s very dry which really compliments the acidity, with some woodsy red wine notes from the long aging in first-use barrels, and at 10.1% drinks much like a wine as well.”

“Higbee shares a ton of similarities sparkling white wine,” says CMBC Head Brewer Brian Hink. “It’s definitely a sipper — you’ll pour two glasses and over the course of an hour or so you will slowly sip away, noticing the depth of flavors as it warms and the carbonation dissipates.”

Phantom Crew takes its name from the WWII soldiers that haunt Battery 223, the bunker that lay unused at Cape May Point. The battery was one of three fortifications built for Fort Miles. Headquartered in Cape Henlopen, this fort was part of the now-abandoned Coastal Defense program.

The battery’s 6-inch guns were never fired on the enemy; nonetheless, two soldiers haunt the fortification. They’ve been seen sitting on top of the structure, smoking cigarettes, engaged in a barely-audible discussion.

With a harmonious blend of malt and acidity, a touch of funk and a tannic quality tying things together, Phantom Crew is very fruity up front while remaining reminiscent of the barrel’s past life.

The base of Phantom Crew is a Flanders-style Red Ale. Very well-rounded with a rich malt backbone and subtle fruity undertones, notes of plum and dates predominate in the finish. A hefty dose of Belgian candi rock sugar adds a sweet, almost molasses note to the background.

“The beauty of this beer going into the barrel was the residual sugar left at the end of primary fermentation,” says Hink.

“All of that residual sugar gives the bacteria more to play with,” says Valm, “and the long aging time gives them more time to play with it as well.”

“Many in our Barrel Aged Series had such unique flavors,” Hink says, “that if you sipped on a glass over an hour or so, rolling the beer around your tongue you’d notice all kinds of subtleties and nuances that weren’t there at the beginning. Phantom Crew has all of that and then some. The base beer going into the barrels was far more complex — probably our most complex base brew — which really comes through in the finished product.”

“We used these unique Belgian malts that are nutty and perfume-like with hints of dark fruits and toffee, so Phantom Crew is malty, but it’s also fruity,” Valm says. “It’s an acidic sour, sure, but it’s got a wide variety of fruits, raisins, plums, cherries, apricots, and a touch of candied apples, then there’s also a touch of these rustic notes like tobacco and leather, all along with a hint of wood.

“It will make your taste buds dance,” Valm says.

Higbee and Phantom Crew release from Cape May Brewing Company’s Brewtique at 1288 Hornet Road in the Cape May Airport on Saturday, August 19th, at 11am for $20 each.

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Cape May Brewing Company Has A New Look!

Cape May Brewing Company has a brand new look!  As of May 26th, Cape May Brewing Company has made a giant change to a new logo and branding that was announced in a press release last week.  The website has been updated to a fresh, new look inspired by the beach community that it resides.

Cape May Brewery is already one of the premier craft beer breweries in the region with a loyal following, so why do this now?

“This all really began as a desire to update our website,” says co-founder and president of CMBC, Ryan Krill. “However, we quickly realized that a simple website redesign wasn’t going to be enough. In order to put together a website that exemplified who we are and where we are going as a company, we first needed to take a step back and truly define ourselves.”

Through this process, the company was able to put into writing a set of Core Values, a Mission Statement, and a Statement of Purpose: “To build a brewery that makes us proud.”

“We’ve come a long way over the past six years,” says co-founder and COO Chris Henke, “and our new look reflects that growth. The three of us — Ryan, his dad, Bob, and I — started by brewing twelve gallons at a time. This year, we’re poised to break the 10,000 barrel mark. We currently brew as much beer in one week as we did in our entire first year of business.

“We’ve grown up. Our new look needed to reflect that.”

The new look is based on what Cape May represents as a beach community.


“We really wanted to find something that says Cape May,” Henke says. “This community has come to embrace us over the past six years, and we realized that Cape May’s laid back beach culture has been a huge influence on our organization. We wanted to reflect that.”

The new design expresses a windswept feeling — like a breezy day on the beach, umbrellas flapping and seagulls flying overhead.

“You just feel cooler,” Krill says, “our new look evokes a refreshing, relaxed feeling  — like a cold beer on a hot day.”

The new designs provide CMBC with a cohesive look across multiple platforms, including their revamped website and new bottle designs. Consumers will be able to instantly recognize Cape May Brewing Company’s packages in the retail environment through this new, unified design.

“For the past six years, each of our bottles had a radically different look,” says co-founder and vice president, Bob Krill. “Aside from our logo, the designs don’t otherwise communicate CMBC. They were all one-off designs with no real connection to one another or to CMBC.

While CMBC’s look has changed, the three owners think it’s important to understand that the only thing that has changed is the look. The product won’t change in any way.

“The quality that our fans have come to know and love from CMBC will not be compromised,” Ryan Krill says. “Our fans put an extraordinary amount of trust in us, and that’s something we take very seriously.”

“We’ve always stood behind our quality,” Bob Krill says, “and we wanted the quality of our beer to be reflected in our creative design. We feel this design communicates exactly that.”

“The new design creates an expectation,” says Henke, “and the beer inside exceeds that expectation. The beer speaks for itself, but we think that new fans will be able to judge us by our packaging.”

“Ultimately,” Ryan Krill says, “establishing a cohesive brand will allow our leadership in the industry to flourish. As we continue to grow in coming years, the new look will assist us as we emerge as leaders within the industry, yet continues to recognize the enormous influence of the Cape May community upon our company.”



For more information on Cape May Brewing Company, including for tours and tastings, see or call (609) 849-9933.


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Cape May Brewing Company Releasing the Latest in Their Barrel Aged Series, Brothel Madam, on 5/27

Cape May Brewery’s next entry into their Barrel Aged Series has been announced and we cannot wait to try it!  Love the idea of a fruited sour!  Yet another reason that you need to get to South Jersey and try some of the fantastic beer that is being brewed here!

From the Press Release:

Cape May Brewing Company, the Jersey Shore’s premier local brewery, is pleased to announce a new iteration in their highly acclaimed Barrel Aged Series. Brothel Madam — a barrel-aged golden sour ale conditioned on raspberries and cranberries — releases from their Tasting Room at 1288 Hornet Road in the Cape May Airport on Saturday, May 27th.

“Last year’s Barrel Aged Series was a huge success,” says CMBC president and co-founder Ryan Krill, “and this year should prove to be no different. While last year’s brews were nautically-themed, this year we’ve decided to focus on the numerous ghost stories that abound throughout Cape May.”

Cape May is well-known as haven for the spectral. No fewer than five books have been written about the ghosts of Cape May, the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts and Humanities runs seven ghost tours throughout the city, and Syfy’s Ghost Hunters did an episode in the town.

When searching for inspiration for the theme of this year’s Barrel Aged Series, Graphic Designer Courtney Rosenberg commiserated with Beertender Maddie Macauley for Cape May-inspired themes, eventually settling upon the phantasmal.

“These aren’t Casper the Friendly kind of ghosts,” Rosenberg says, “they’re ghosts or spirits that have a story at many of the locations people visit daily in Cape May.”

One of Cape May’s bed and breakfast gems, The Queen Victoria, has a building called the House of Royals, which housed a brothel and gaming parlour in the 1800s, where the most powerful men of Victorian America were among her clientele. Reportedly, visitors to the establishment have reported the ghostly apparition of the building’s former manager drifting aimlessly along her halls, searching out the errant customer, dreadfully behind on his payments to the house.

For this brew, Cape May Brewing Company has created a barrel-aged American sour ale, conditioned on raspberries and cranberries. After fermenting the base with Brett for several months in a stainless steel fermenter, the fruits were added before racking the brew into used oaken red wine barrels for about six months. Then, Brothel Madam has been bottle-conditioned for two weeks before release.

While this is CMBC’s first fruited sour, they’re not all that uncommon, with mango, peach, guava, watermelon, acai, kiwi, and apricot being some common fruits brewers tend to use. The base of Brothel Madam already had some notes of peach and apricot and some tartness from the Brett, so this recipe plays up that tartness and increases the fruitiness with some raspberry and cranberry.

“The base was good but simple, with some classic Brett esters, some notes of stone fruits, and just a touch of tart from the Brett as well,” says CMBC Director of Brewing Operations Jimmy Valm. “It was good, but needed a little je ne sais quoi, and we knew this was our beer to add fruit.”

In addition to those fruit flavors, the brew has some wood character from the barrels and a slight vinous character from the red wine they’d held a few years back. In addition, the barrels allow for some micro-oxidation which will greatly increase the complexity of the flavors in the aged beer.

The bottle design is meant to evoke thoughts of the haunted houses that abound throughout Cape May.

“Just think about walking down Decatur Street or Jackson Street in Cape May,” Rosenberg says. “The house colors, the gingerbread, the windows and so on.”

Like the first run of the Barrel Aged Series, the labels will all be variations on a theme.

“The colors will match the houses in Cape May, and there will be similarities between each bottle,” Rosenberg continues. “When you line them up, you will have a lineup of houses you might see on the streets of Cape May.”

Releasing Memorial Day Weekend, the brewers at CMBC think Brothel Madam is the perfect brew to begin the summer season.

“This fruity explosion is going to be great for sitting on the porch as the gentle summer breeze blows by,” Valm says.

Head Brewer Brian Hink agrees. “I dig it, and I think it’s the perfect beer to be coming out Memorial Day Weekend. It’ll be a great summer beer, one I really look forward to going back to again and again.”

Brothel Madam releases from Cape May Brewing Company’s Brewtique at 1288 Hornet Road in the Cape May Airport on Saturday, May 27th, at noon for $20.

For more information on Cape May Brewing Company, including for tours and tastings, see or call (609) 849-9933.

Events News

Here’s What’s On Tap This Week

If you attend any of these events, please remember to tell them you found it on South Jersey Beer Scene!


Every Tuesday!

Joe Gaughan will be hosting Quizzo at 7 Mile Brewery!! Event starts at 7pm. 7 Rounds of 7 Questions including a 7 minute speed round! Winner gets a $25 gift certificate.  Plus they have fresh cans of 7 MIPA for sale!

Wednesday, May 3rd

The Flat Stone Tavern & Grill will be having a Beer and Dinner Pairing featuring Tuckahoe Brewing Company.  The price is $50 and includes tax and gratuity, along with a 4 course dinner and a complimentary extra pint of any of Tuckahoe’s Draft Selections.

Tomfoolery Brewing will be hosting US Cities Fool’s Trivia at 6:30 pm

Slack Tide Brewing Company will be open from 4-8 pm tonight.  Avalon Amber is back on tap for the summer season.  This easy-drinking American Red Ale is modestly hopped and features 6 different malts

Glasstown Brewery bottled up 10 cases Nightcap Bombers for sale today at the brewery from 3-9pm.  The artwork on the bottle is fantastic, and I am sure that Paul and Jennifer have put a fantastic beer inside of it!

Thursday, May 4th

Cold Spring Brewery’s Thankful Thursday this week will benefit the South Jersey Quilts of Valor.  The event happens from 4-8pm, and a portion of the proceeds from this time will benefit the organization.

Cape May Brewery  Grab your lightsaber and head on over to the brewery for May the 4th Be With Brew: Return of the Bog from 5-8pm.  It is the return of their Cranberry Shandy and they also have we’ve got special One-Offs, Star Wars-themed activities, and a special soda for all you Yodas out there.

Tomfoolery Brewing‘s Tap-It Thursday will feature Spring Saison, This wonderful, aromatic ale is brewed without added spices for a simply delicious down home experience. The french farmhouse yeast develops floral, spicy flavors that excite your senses.

Three 3’s will be hosting a May the 4th Be With You trivia night from 6-8pm.

Friday, May 5th

Tuckahoe Brewing Company will be having a Tap Takeover at Mickey and Minnies from 5-10pm.  In addition to the beer the chef has a special menu, from appetizers to sandwiches to main entrees, all crafted with Tuckahoe’s beer.

Ludlam Island Brewery will be having their Cinco De Mayo Festival from 5pm-Close.  They will be featuring a cask of Kölsch style ale conditioned on fresh jalenpeño and lime zest.  Also there is games, prizes, a best mustache competition, and tacos!

Garden State Beer Company will be having their weekly Quizzo challenge starting at 7pm

Vagabond Kitchen & Tap House will be having live music by The Usual Suspects! One of the best Tap Lists in South Jersey, and Guy Fieri endorsed eats! Band is on from 9pm-1am, no cover!

Tomfoolery Brewing Company will be having a special Cinco De Mayo release of their Mole Mexicana, A mexican chocolate chili cinnamon beer made with real chocolate and dried guajilo, ancho, and habanero peppers.  There will be a limited amount of 22 oz bombers for purchase on site.

Saturday, May 6th

The Spring Tide Festival & Boat Show, Stone Harbor. Join us for our Annual Spring Tide Festival & Boat Show in the heart of Stone Harbor! Beautiful boats on display, local brew by Slack Tide Brewing Company & 7 Mile Brewery, live music by Patty Blee & Ernie Trionfo and more, delicious local eats, artisans & PIRATES!


Why Not Spend Saturday with one of South Jersey’s Fine Breweries!

7 Mile Brewery will be open 12pm-10pm

Cape May Brewery will be open 12pm-8pm

Cold Spring Brewery will be open 12pm-8pm

Garden State Beer Company will be open 3pm-10pm

Glasstown Brewing Company will be open 12pm-9pm

Ludlam Island Brewery will be open 12pm-8pm

Slack Tide Brewing Company will be open 12pm-8pm

Three 3’s Brewing Company will be open 1pm-9pm

Tomfoolery Brewing Co. will be open 12pm-8pm

Tuckahoe Brewing Co. will be open 12pm-8pm

Sunday, May 7th

Rocco’s Town House in Hammonton has a great local beer list and fantastic food.  Looking for something different in South Jersey? Give them a try! Open daily at 4pm.

Tuckahoe Brewing Company will be having a special tour and tasting event to support The Community Partnershipe for EHT Schools at 6pm.  Tickets are $25 and only 50 will be available for this special event.  For information click HERE


Breweries Events

Here’s What’s on Tap This Week!

If you attend any of these events, remember to tell them you found it on South Jersey Beer Scene!


Wednesday, April 5th

Tomfoolery Brewing will be hosting Mystery Fools’ Trivia at 6:30 PM

Thursday, April 6th

Passion Vines Wine & Spirit Company will be hosting a Beer & Cheese tasting featuring pairings of Di Bruno Bros. cheeses and Tuckahoe Brewing Company’s Beer. Tuckahoe Master Brewer Tim Caron will attend as a guest presenter to talk about each of the beers they are pouring, while PV Beer Expert Sean guides you through the cheese pairings.  Tickets are 25$ and can be found HERE!

Cold Spring Brewery will host a Thankful Thursday to benefit Family Promise of Cape May County. The event is from 4-8 pm and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Family Promise.  This is a great organization that keeps families together.  We have personally supported this group and feel that it is money well spent!  If you cannot attend and still want to help Family Promise of Cape May, you can get more information HERE!

Cape May Brewery will be having a Beer Dinner in EHT at the Flat Stone Tavern & Grill. The event starts at 6:30 and costs $50 per person inclusive of tax and gratuity. Tickets can be bought in person at Flat Stone, for more information please call (609) 272-8808.

Tomfoolery Brewing‘s Tap It Thursday will feature Blood Orange Kolsch!

Slack Tide Brewing Company will be tapping the next contender in the Battle of The Brewers contest, Lake Effect Lager, Paul’s entry into the “friendly” competition

Friday, April 7th

Slack Tide Brewing Company will be having their first Slack Tide Scavenger Hunt from 5pm-7pm.  This looks like a fun event to kick off the weekend!  More info can be found HERE!

Garden State Beer Company will be having Quizzo starting at 7 pm!  Brewery opens at 4 pm if you need to warm up your brain with a few of their outstanding brews!

Saturday, April 8th

Glasstown Brewing Company will be having a can and bottle release per Instagram.  I am not sure what they are, but they did have a picture of the Danky Jr on the post!  Follow them on Instagram @glasstownbrewing to get the full scoop!

UPDATE-Nightcap Bottles, Super C IPA Cans, and Danky Jr Cans will be on hand

Vagabond Kitchen & Tap House in  Atlantic City will be showing UFC 210 at 10 pm. Vagabond has Great food, and one of South Jersey’s best tap lists.  For more contact them at (609) 350-6721

Why Not Spend Saturday with one of South Jersey’s Fine Breweries

7 Mile Brewery will be open 12pm-10pm

Cape May Brewery will be open 12pm-8pm

Cold Spring Brewery will be open 12pm-8pm

Garden State Beer Company will be open 3pm-10pm

Glasstown Brewing Company will be open 12pm-9pm

Ludlam Island Brewery will be open 12pm-8pm

Slack Tide Brewing Company will be open 12pm-8pm

Three 3’s Brewing Company will be open 1pm-9pm

Tomfoolery Brewing Co. will be open 12pm-3pm and then will be closed for a private event

Tuckahoe Brewing Co. will be open 12pm-8pm

Sunday, April 9th

Garden State Beer Company will be hosting a Paint and Pints “Save the Bees” painting event.
25% of every participants’ ticket price will be donated to South Jersey Beekeepers to help with honey bee preservation. Paint for a great cause and have a great time doing it! For more information visit their website or click HERE!