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Why Is It Called A Beer Flight?


Did you ever wonder why a flight is called a flight? I tried researching this, but didn’t come up with much information. Every resource seems to agree that “flight” originates from the second dictionary definition of the word. Flight as a noun is a group of creatures or objects flying together, in particular. The small grouping of beer samples fits this definition perfectly. A flight can also be compared to a flight of stairs. Flights are usually drunk lightest to…

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Beer 101

Hi! I Like Beer!

I would walk into a brewery with my husband and he would get greeted like Norm from Cheers.  Me?  A wave or a quick hello, if I was lucky.  But I refused to let this intimidate me. I’d take…

Beer 101

Girls Take Flight with Karen-Sourpuss!

You walk into the brewery, take your tour, and go read the menu. You see Stouts, IPA’s, Ales, Lagers, Wits, and a …Sour? A sour beer? What does that mean? The brewer purposely made the beer acidic to taste…


Girls Take Flight!

Hi, I’m Karen Renzulli, and I am just as much a lover of beer as my husband, Tom, who also writes for the site. With the increase of popularity of beer, women enjoying, tasting, and learning about beer is…