Our Patreon Community Launches Today!


When we first started South Jersey Beer Scene we had no idea where it would go.  We knew that we wanted to help promote all that South Jersey has to offer from its vibrant beer scene and had an idea on what we wanted to do, but we had no idea if anyone would even read it.  Well, it seems like you do like what we do and we sincerely thank you for all of the tremendous support that you have given us since our inception!  We have met so many great people and we are more driven than ever to keep bringing you all the news, interviews, and events that you need to know about in South Jersey and it’s surrounding area. We have launched this Patreon page to help expand our coverage and bring you even more of the things you love!  In addition to the rewards we are offering, we also will be providing our Patreon Community with access to special events, exclusive giveaways, and bonus content not available on our site or podcast! Our newest addition, The South Jersey Beer Scene Podcast, has given us another way that we can bring you something different to the table.  Every dollar that is pledged goes right back to the site so we can add more writers, expand the production quality of our podcasts, and add new features to our site.  Thank you for considering joining our Patreon Community and we certainly will continue to bring you the beer news that you love!  Cheers!

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