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Friends Giving Collaboration Beer Raises $75,000!

For Immediate Release:

Last month, four local breweries came together to brew a collaboration beer and help ease food insecurity in our area. Double Nickel Brewing Company of Pennsauken, NJ launched a new annual initiative and teamed up with Cape May Brewing Company (Cape May, NJ), Tonewood Brewing Company (Oaklyn, NJ), and Urban Village Brewing Company (Philadelphia, PA) for their inaugural charity brew, a “potluck-style IPA” called “Friends Giving”.

The Friends Giving Initiative is pleased to announce that they’ve raised a total of $75,326 to assist area families in need.

“Friends Giving is our way of turning a little creativity, camaraderie, community, and collaboration into support for families struggling to put food on the table,” says Drew Perry, Head Brewer at Double Nickel.

The initiative supports local charities focused on helping food-insecure families throughout the South Jersey and Philadelphia region. In the weeks before Thanksgiving, the collaboration beer hit shelves throughout New Jersey and the greater Philadelphia area, raising an initial total of $40,856.

“It’s exciting to find ways to give back,” says Dave Goldman, Head Brewer at Urban Village Brewery. “Beer doesn’t typically help people who are struggling, so when you can use your craft to help people who are, it feels really great to have that opportunity.”

“We were extraordinarily gratified to see so many of our suppliers donate ingredients, aluminum cans, and labels to the initiative,” says Chris Henke, co-owner of Cape May Brewing Company. “In the end, nearly all of the supplies needed to create this beer were donated in some form or another.”

Once the initiative was underway, Dietz and Watson of Philadelphia, PA, made a substantial donation to the cause, bringing the total to $75,326. Through the donation of much-needed high-protein foods such as chickens and turkeys, the Friends Giving Initiative is able to help this year’s beneficiaries — Cathedral Kitchen and Sacred Heart of Camden and Philabundance of Philadelphia — achieve their missions.

“In discussions with Cathedral Kitchen and Philabundance, we learned that they both were in need of high-protein foods, such as chicken and turkey,” says John Dalsey, Marketing Director at Double Nickel. “A large part of their mission is fulfilled through food education programs, teaching people how to prepare nutritious meals at home.”

These programs are typically made more difficult as the bulk of donated items are shelf-stable, packaged foods such as canned tuna and peanut butter.

“By partnering with Dietz and Watson, this donation will have a much bigger and more meaningful impact while feeding more families in our local communities,” Dalsey said.

“The Dietz and Watson donation allows us to send our guests home with food for themselves and their families,” says Noreen Flewelling, Director of Development at Cathedral Kitchen, “which is important because people can’t always make every meal service. We look forward to working with Double Nickel and their fundraising initiatives in the future as we continue on our mission of using food to change lives.”

Through the initiative, Friends Giving was able to purchase Cathedral Kitchen a much-needed commercial dishwasher, greatly impacting their daily operations and assisting them as they work toward their annual goal of providing 125,000 meals to the food insecure.

“The donation from Friends Giving is special because it is helping us with broadening our impact,” says Flewelling. “The dishwasher is something that we’ve really needed for awhile. It is a crucial piece of equipment that we will be using everyday to maintain a food-safe environment as we continue to feed the Camden community, serving 125,000 meals annually.”

Inspired by the success and delighted by the support for their Friends Giving Initiative, Double Nickel has decided to create a charity called “Collabor-AID” to carry on the mission they began of turning creativity, camaraderie, community and collaboration into support for feeding local food-insecure families.

“Thanks to the tremendous support of our fans, an initiative that began its life as a fun name for a beer has developed into something much bigger than we could have ever hoped,” says Dalsey. “We received overwhelming interest in our mission of fighting food insecurity from other breweries, businesses, and charities. Creating Collabor-AID is our way of bringing that support and interest together, channeling that energy into support for our mission.”

Double Nickel is currently working on the next event for Collabor-AID which will take place mid-April. More information on future events can be found on Double Nickel’s Facebook page and website.

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The South Jersey Beer Scene Podcast: Episode 10-Atco Brewing Company

Dan, Shawn, and Paul of Atco Brewing Company joined us at the luxurious Towey Studios for Episode 1o of the podcast and I promise you will not want to miss this one.  We talked beginnings, Untappd, brewer’s guild controversy, and their new can distribution of  Kriller, Swell Head, and The Process!  You can listen here or go to where you get your favorite podcasts!

If you get a chance, it would be helpful if you can leave us a rating and a review of the show!  This will help us get a bigger audience and enable us to bring more of the guests that you want to hear on the show.  Thanks so much for listening and enjoy the show!

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What’s On Tap Returns LIVE on 1/6/18 on 99.9 FM, 1240 AM, and Streaming on Facebook!

Our friends Gary Monterosso and Tara Nurin are back!  What’s on Tap is back live on Saturday’s from 1-2 pm on 99.9 FM and 1240 AM along with video streaming on Facebook Live.  We are really excited for the show to come back and happy to announce that I will be part of the 1/6 episode.  Guests on this week’s show include the gang from Hidden Sands Brewery in EHT, Micah Goldsberry of Liberty Brew Tours,  and none other than Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head Brewing Company.


Wine Tasting for Beer People with Rick Lieti of Day Sipper Tours

Wine Tasting for Beer People

By Rick Leiti of Day Sipper Tours

What’s up beer people! First off, how freakin’ good is the brew being pushed out in this here “garden part” of the Garden State? Unreal stuff! My excitement level for what’s been going down from a beer production standpoint is pretty sky high. I, like you, love me some high-quality local brew.

But for me, that’s more of a side pleasure. My work background is wine related. For the last five years, I’ve been everything from a cellar rat, salesman, tasting room guy, and all around wine advocate for various wineries in South Jersey. I’ve recently spun all that off with my new venture, Day Sipper Tours….a wine/brew/spirits tour company out of a retro 70’s style VW Bus in Cape May County focused on getting people to all these awesome places in a laidback, educationally fun way. With an Advanced Cert from the WSET and an all around passion for tasting quality vino from around the globe, lemme tell you the winemakers down here aren’t messing around either!

Photo Courtesy of Day Sipper Wine Tours

But if you’re just into the brews, you may be thinking, “Meh. Wine is pretentious. Wine is for snobs. Wine is an uppity, expensive-ass beverage that just doesn’t go down like my beer.” All valid points, yes….if you’re living in the past. The reality is we are now drinking more wine in the US today than we have ever consumed in the previous years combined. And that’s mainly because wine is not what its made out to be. Wine is nothing but grape juice turned into alcohol. That’s it! All the fancy smells, aromas, tannins, acids and bouquets can all be summed up to any single individual’s preferences. Wine is taste, true. But wine is subjective!

If you’re like me and you’re amped up on the uptick in quality, local beer making that’s not only felt here in South Jersey but on a larger national scale, you’re probably not crushing Miller Lites by the case each week. You’re interested in the Imperial Stout the dudes down the street are making. You’re interested in the new release Sour that your favorite brewery just bottled. You’re interested in taste!

And that’s where you can relate to wine, especially on the local level. I’m not talking Pinot Grigio for $6.99 a bottle from Northern Italy. I’m talking hand harvested, locally grown grapes, planted outside your very own backyards and suited to the long, warm growing seasons, cool winds and sandy soils that are a staple of South Jersey. This wine, not unlike that locally crafted brewski has much more to offer on the palate. It has nuance, personality and a certain character that translates to a bit of pride knowing it’s cultivated from your home turf.

Photo Courtesy Day sipper Wine Tours

Speaking of palate, what ultimately makes a glass of wine different from a glass of beer? Easy. Beer is made with grain, yeast, and maybe some other things blended in (i.e. fruits, spices, etc.) so depending on the style of beer and how it’s made, you’re obviously going to be tasting differing flavors of the aforementioned products. Same with wine. You’re ultimately tasting what wine is made of….grapes. Now those tastes change given the year, the varietal, how they’re made (ie. on/off skins), and how they’re aged (ie. in barrel, not in barrel), but the end game is the same. You appreciate wine, just like you appreciate beer, for its nuances in flavor on the nose, on the palate, and on the finish. If you’re into flavor and if you want to be adventurous, don’t look past the local wine! Chances are you’ll find something that will eyebrow raise and maybe even set you off into a new realm of flavoring.

If you’re interested in getting down and learning more about wine, especially on the local level, hit me up! I’d love to chat and if you’re into a serious good time and are in Cape May County, I can take you around in my retrofitted, awesome, but terribly slow VW bus. Obviously, brewery stops are included!

Visit Day Sipper on the Web at

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For more info on tours, email Rick at