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Slack Tide Brewing Company Year Two Celebration Saturday, 1/20!

I sat down with Jason & Tadhg Campbell of Slack Tide Brewing to talk about their upcoming 2nd Anniversary event happening on Saturday, January 20th. What started out with zero employees (other than themselves) has grown to 2 full-time employees and 2 volunteers with hopes to add 2 more employees by late spring of this year.  When Slack Tide opened they were brewing on a 20-gallon Tippy Dump system from More Beer and for the first 5 months. They quickly transitioned to a 3BBL system in April of 2016. Both of those systems were able to get them through until October of 2017 when they commissioned into service their current 10 BBL system.  “It’s been a nice progression of systems”,  Tadhg explained. The 20-gallon Tippy Dump was like an advanced homebrew system. The 3BBL had some nice features but also gave you some homebrew aspects. The 10 BBL system is a fully automated system, but the progression of systems really helped with the learning curve. The people at American Beer Equipment, who they purchased the 10 BBL system from, were extremely helpful and sent guys down to stay as long as was needed until they were comfortable with the system. (One funny side note, they recently sold their 20-gallon Tippy Dump and it was actually being picked up the day of this interview). I asked them what were their best and worst decisions they’ve made, and with a chuckle, Tadhg said, “opening a brewery” for both answers. After a good laugh, Jason told us “by far opening the brewery was the best decision”, and Tadhg added “trying to stick to a wide array of styles on their board.” Tadhg continued “we try to make something for everyone who comes through the door”.   The brothers both agree that there haven’t been that many setbacks over the two years with the exception of being a little delayed on the packaging aspect of the brewery, specifically with canning and bottling. “It was not by choice, it was more out of necessity due to the cost of equipment, and putting the main effort into making a great product” Jason explained.  “Also, we wanted to make it through the first year or so to see if it would match what we thought was going to happen”.


I hear from people all over how they love the nautical name of the brewery and the beers. During today’s interview, I found out the Slack Tide name was in a little jeopardy. While in the early stages of opening, they received a call from 3 Daughters Brewing in St. Petersburg who wanted to name a beer of theirs “Slack Tide”. Once the Campbell’s informed 3 Daughters they were definitely opening the brewery, they backed off the name and wished them luck. The beer names themselves come from a board in the back that employees put their ideas on. The guys really do put some thought into matching the right name to a beer. Example: Treble Hook. Treble means 3 and Treble Hook is their triple Belgium.  “There are some names we love, and the public doesn’t, and some that we aren’t so hot on, but the public loves” we were told. In the end, it is the beer that really matters. And speaking of beer, what are the styles and names of the 2 new 2nd anniversary beers for Saturday? The first one will be a Triple IPA called “Overnighter” named after tuna trips the guys like to take (also if you have too many you may want to stay overnight). The second one is a Berliner Weisse Kettle Sour with hints of pineapple and cranberry called “Haywire Twist”. I had the honor to sample this unique beer and think it will be a huge hit. Looking ahead I asked what their hopes for the 3 year anniversary are. Almost in unison, they said for people to be able to come in and purchase 6 packs. Also, adding some more taps is something Tadhg would like to see. I have no doubt that this will be achieved. The Campbell brothers and the entire staff at Slack Tide continue to grow and impress with every new beer they put out. Tadhg also added, “we have a true sense of co-opetition, and craft beer spirit”. Yeah, I had to look it up too, but co-opetition means collaboration between business competitors, in the hope of mutually beneficial results which, in the end, is good for everyone!


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New Live What’s On Tap Radio Show Today from 1-2 pm followed by “What’s On Tap…Last Call” on Facebook Live!

Today at 1 pm What’s On Tap is live on 99.9 FM, 1240 am, and SNJ Today talking beer with hosts Gary Monterosso and Tara Nurin.  Gary and Tara are nationally known beer personalities and bring a unique perspective to the national and local beer scene.  The show is chock full of great nationally known guests as well as your favorite local brewers.  What’s On Tap is one of the small few of terrestrial radio shows dedicated to beer and we are lucky enough to have it in our backyard.

Here are a few ways to listen:

Listen Live on 99.9 FM or 1240 AM via radio

SNJ Today by following the link HERE

Download the SNJ Today app via iTunes or The Google Play Store

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I will also be making a guest appearance on today’s show.  Let us know in the comments if there is anything you would like to see me discuss on the show!  Cheers!


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Cape May Brewing Company’s Topsail named Best Beer of 2017 by Beer Connoisseur Magazine!

Congrats to Cape May Brewing Company for this great honor!  In addition to the best beer, Cape May Brewing Company was also named second-runner up as Best Brewery finishing just behind Heavy Seas of Maryland, and Mother Earth Brew Co. of California.

The Topsail is a Sour Blond Ale that was aged nine months in barrels that previously held “The Keel”, another great offering in the Barrel-Aged Series. We have been really impressed with Cape Mays Brett offerings (we had a great Coastal Evacuation with Brett on the day of The Topsail release at the taproom) and look forward to more great things in the future.

Cheers to everyone at Cape May Brewing Company for helping shine the spotlight on South Jersey’s vibrant, and still growing, craft beer scene!

From The Press Release:

Cape May, NJ — Cape May Brewing Company is humbled to announce that an offering in their Barrel Aged Series, The Topsail, has been honored by Beer Connoisseur as 2017’s Best Beer, and Cape May Brewing Company was named second runner-up as Best Brewery.

“This is truly an outstanding achievement,” says CEO and co-owner Ryan Krill. “The Topsail has been uniformly well-received by our fans with glowing reviews from those closest to our hearts. However, the rating of 98, the designation as a World Class beer, and being named Beer Connoisseur’s Best Beer is an honor beyond compare.”

In his review of The Topsail, judge Dan Martich said, “You’ll want to seek this beer out. The refreshing fruity notes makes this a summertime favorite. I can see anyone enjoying this beer in a backyard, by the shore, lake or mountains with chargrilled veggies, fruit or white meat fish to complement the fruity notes of this stellar brew.”

In addition to the accolades from Beer Connoisseur, The Topsail was honored with a Gold Medal in the Wood/Barrel-Aged Sour Beer category at the US Open Beer Championships in July.

“I think it’s a great example of each component working in a harmonious blend,” says CMBC Head Brewer Brian Hink in his interview with Beer Connoisseur. Giving credit to each step of the process — from the production team designing the base beer and selecting the barrels to the marketing team in their selection of bottle art, he says that The Topsail is “not something any one person could achieve, but a culmination of a number of working parts.”

In their announcement of Cape May Brewing Company’s second runner up status for Best Brewery, Beer Connoisseur wrote, “New Jersey’s Cape May Brewery has unquestionably demonstrated its place as one of the country’s top brewers. The brewery consistently delivers exceptional beers, and with this year’s Top Rated Beer of 2017 — The Topsail — it has proven it can brew with the world’s best.”

For more information on The Topsail, including its inception and the story of how it was brewed, please see “The Topsail Sets Sail” at Cape May Brewing Company’s blog, Straight to the Pint. For more information on Cape May Brewing Company — including for tours and tastings — see


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Icarus Brewing Co 1st Anniversary Shenanigans on 1/13/18

Wow!  That went fast!  Icarus Brewing Company will be celebrating its First Anniversary this Saturday, 1/13/18 with “First Anniversary Shenanigans” at the taproom from 12 Noon-11 pm.

Head Brewer and Owner Jason Goldstein told our Vic Sbailo that “In Celebration of our first Anniversary we have decided to go all out and up our own game with variants of two of our favorite beers Yacht Juice Double Dry Hopped with Galaxy, and Kalashnikov Russian Imperial Stout finished on Coffee as well as 3 variants of Kalashnikov aged 7 months in Bourbon Barrels, Buckwheat Whiskey Barrels, and Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup barrels!”  Yacht Juice DDH and Kalishnikov Russian Imperial Stout are being released in cans, and the variants will all be released in bottles.  Jason has not yet disclosed the tap list, but we are sure that it will be awesome as well.

Icarus has had quite a year, expanding its fermentation capability from 60 BBL’s to 90 BBL’s in November and putting out some of South Jersey’s most sought-after beers.  Jason has also delivered on many different styles and, by our count, is nearing the century mark in the number of different beers that have been released this year (94 different have been rated on Untappd).  

Congratulations to Jason and everyone at Icarus on this milestone and their fantastic first year!  For more information on Icarus Brewing Co check out the links below.  Cheers!

Facebook @IcarusBrewing

Twitter @icarusbrewing

Instagram icarusbrewing

On the Web at





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Hidden Sands Brewing Company Announces Grand Opening Schedule!

After a few weeks of soft openings, Hidden Sands Brewing Company has released their official Grand Opening schedule which starts on 1/12/18!  I had the opportunity to do the “What’s On Tap” radio show with the guys and tried a few of their beers and was really impressed!  Cheers to everyone at Hidden Sands Brewing Company and we cannot wait to stop by!


From The Press Release:

Hidden Sands Brewing Company to Open this January

Local Ingredients and Sophisticated Brewing System are Keys to Expected Success

EGG HARBOR TWP. (Jan 8, 2018) – New Year, New Brew!  Hidden Sands Brewing Company is thrilled to announce the much anticipated grand opening of their Egg Harbor Township brewery and tasting room. They’ll be serving up some of the best craft beer in the area made using the freshest local ingredients (one of the benefits of being in the Garden State!) and pristine water from the 800’ Sands aquifer.  The water is estimated to be aged 30,000 years and the origin for the name Hidden Sands.

Located directly off Exit 37 of the Garden State Parkway, Hidden Sands Brewing Company will officially celebrate its grand opening with a weekend full of beer, football, food trucks and fun on January 12, 13 and 14th. For the past few years, the Hidden Sands team has transformed the space at 6754 Washington Avenue into an amazing space where visitors can learn about the process of making beer, view the operations, and of course, taste and purchase their delicious beers.

The styles of beer will appeal to a wide-range of palates and will be made, monitored and controlled by Certified Brewmaster, Luke Lindsay.  Lindsay brings more than a dozen years of brewing experience to Hidden Sands, having brewed and served as brewmaster at popular craft breweries such as Victory, Sam Adams Southern Tier, Lagunitas, and most recently North Country. Hidden Sands also has one of the most sophisticated brewing systems in the Northeast.  The fully automated, oversized 20 barrel system is very rare and will allow the brewery to consistently produce the same quality beer over and over again.  It’s a system that’s so impressive that it was on display during last year’s Craft Brewers Conference in Philadelphia.

Hidden Sands Brewing Company is a joint venture between John Cipriani (Certified Public Accountant), Matt Helm (Commercial Refrigeration and Beer system designer/installer), and Tony Cepparulo (Commercial bar and kitchen installer).  Cipriani, Helm, Cepparulo and a team of investors have worked for years to get to this point, making sure that they have the best equipment, highest quality ingredients and a strong business model.  With intense focus and hard work, they are now finally ready to let the public come in and experience their beautiful facility and taste their beer!



Friday, 1/12/18            11am – 9pm

Saturday, 1/13/18       10am – 9pm

Sunday, 1/14/18          12pm – 5pm


For more information visit their website,  You can also keep up with what’s happening by “liking” their Facebook page, Hidden Sands Brewing Company.



About Hidden Sands

Hidden Sands Brewing Company takes locally brewed craft beer to a whole new level.  Digging deep to tap the 800’ Sands fresh water aquifer in the area, all Hidden Sands brews are made with quality, locally sourced ingredients.  Focusing on consistent quality, state of the art equipment ensures that great tasting beer you experience at the Egg Harbor Township brewery is the same each time you visit and order a glass at your local pub.  Hidden Sands Brewing Company is located at 6754 Washington Avenue, Unit B, Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234.