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The South Jersey Beer Scene Podcast: One On One with Maureen Fitzpatrick, author of A Guide to New Jersey Craft Breweries: South Jersey Edition

On this episode, I go One On One with Author Maureen Fitzpatrick, taped live at Death Of The Fox Brewing Company in Clarksboro, NJ. We talk about the release of the 2nd edition of her book, helping organize a beer festival, and much more.

The book has a complete list of all the breweries in South Jersey including ones slated to open later this year.  We find it to be a great resource for beer lovers and highly recommend it!

Death of The Fox Brewing Company is the only Brewery in New Jersey that has a fully operational Coffeehouse in addition to a fantastic brewery.  This unique brewery features great beers and all of the coffee drinks that you would expect from a top-notch coffeehouse.  Chuck Garrity and his staff have put together a great sanctuary for beer and coffee lovers alike with their fantastic tasting room.  Thanks so much to Chuck and his staff for their hospitality!

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Beer 101

Hi! I Like Beer!

I would walk into a brewery with my husband and he would get greeted like Norm from Cheers.  Me?  A wave or a quick hello, if I was lucky.  But I refused to let this intimidate me. I’d take my tour, read the menu, and confidently order my beer.  I would hold up my glass to look at the color, I’d smell the aroma, and I would take that anticipated first sip.  Mmmmm.  Too bad a lot of women weren’t given the same chit-chat from the bartender as most men got over their selection, but times they are a changing.

Ladies, we know our stuff (or are trying to), and shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions or strike up a conversation with the bartender, brewer, or owner.  I have heard plenty of men ask some pretty silly questions without thinking twice.  Worst yet, I have heard many a man go to order but says he doesn’t like “bitter beers”, doesn’t want anything “too heavy’, nothing “too dark”, and absolutely “hates sours”.  What the heck are you doing in a microbrewery then?  That guy wasn’t holding back, so don’t you. 

We all have to learn to speak up and feel comfortable.  Yes, many times the breweries are so busy that a conversation isn’t possible.  But with so many microbrews opening, you don’t have to go far to find a friendly face.  Don’t be afraid to ask about a beer, and don’t hesitate to ask for a sample.  These breweries are putting their heart, soul, and money into this passion of theirs.  They want you to enjoy your time in their establishment and learn about their product.  After all, we are all there for the same reason…a great beer and a good time.

Now Sit Back And Enjoy Your Flight!


Introducing Our New Bi-Weekly Podcast! South Jersey Beer Scene: One On One!

We are excited to announce the newest addition to the South Jersey Beer Scene Podcast!  One on One is just what it sounds like, an in-depth conversation with a single guest that will allow us to find out what has made them successful in the beer community.  We will talk to brewers, owners, restauranteurs, authors, bloggers, podcasters, beer buyers and sellers, and the movers and shakers that drive the beer industry in South Jersey and beyond!  Have someone you would like us to interview?  Let us know and we will try and make it happen!  The Podcast will be available on iTunes or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts!


Manafirkin and Ludlam Island Celebrating Anniversaries Today!

Manafirkin Brewing Company and Ludlam Island Brewery will both be celebrating anniversaries today at their Tasting Rooms!

Manafirkin will be celebrating their First Firkin Anniversary today starting at 11 AM.  From their Facebook Post:

Come celebrate our one year anniversary Saturday, May 19th from 11 am until 11 pm.

We’ll have Sunny Rae’s food truck serving up delicious food all day. We will also have I Scream Concessions ice cream truck serving up delicious desserts.

We are releasing another Laird’s Applejack Brandy Barrel aged beer in cans. What is it? You’ll have to come find out that day. Limited release so get them while they’re hot (they’re cold though we promise).

We will have specials on all of our merchandise and we’ll be releasing new T-shirts, new glasses, AND new growlers. Limited supply.

We know how much you guys firkin love Firkins, so we’ll be tapping not one, but TWO throughout the day.

It’s going to be a great day you’re not going to want to miss. Thank you to everyone for making this first year so firkin special.

Ludlam Island will be celebrating their 2nd Anniversary starting at noon, here are some of the details from their Facebook Page:

Here is what we know so far…
We will have some new lager mugs.
A special Lager Beer bar to go along with said new awesome mugs.
A bunch of hoppy hazy juicy IPAs that everyone loves (and yeah, we saved a keg of THE BIG DIRTY).
Complimentary munchies! We couldn’t have made it another year without all you fine people, so as a small token of thanks, we’re gonna have some food for ya.
We’re setting up an outside bar too so we can all enjoy the nice weather together!

Of course plenty of beer, plenty of good friends, and music.
Hope to see you there!
Much love friends

Congrats to both on these significant milestones!