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Dogfish Head Releases IPAs For The Holidays Variety Pack

For Immediate Release:


Dogfish Head Releases IPAs for the Holidays Variety Pack

Limited edition 12-pack contains 4 varieties of IPA goodness + 2 exclusives – Viniferous IPA + Sixty One

Milton, Del., November 2, 2018 – Arriving just in time to make your “jingle bells rock,” Dogfish Head is bringing “joy to the world” with the release of the IPAs for the Holidays variety 12-pack.  Available in early November, the holiday pack contains 4 varieties of IPA goodness in one special box.  Featuring 2 exclusives – Sixty One and Viniferous IPA – along with a duo of fan-favorite IPAs – 60 Minute IPA and 90 Minute Imperial IPA – the holiday pack has all of your festive beer needs covered, including an homage to “reds and whites” for the vino lovers in the bunch.  The “white” beer-wine hybrid, Viniferous IPA, is fermented with Riesling & Viognier grape must and hopped with Hallertau Blanc, Huell Melon and El Dorado to match the dry, fruity complexity of a Riesling with the hoppiness of an IPA. Sixty One, the “red” beer-wine mashup, is a marriage of two Dogfish Head innovations – beer-wine hybrids featuring Syrah grape must and continually hopped IPAs. A great gift for holiday parties, the pack also features a special gift tag that can be personalized.

The IPAs for the Holidays 12pk includes:

Viniferous IPA12-pack EXCLUSIVE (Where applicable by law.)

Fermented with Riesling and Viognier grape must and hopped with Hallertau Blanc, Huell Melon and El Dorado to match the dry, fruity complexity of a Riesling with the hoppiness of an IPA.

Sixty One – 12-pack EXCLUSIVE (Where applicable by law.)

A marriage of two Dogfish Head innovations: beer-wine hybrids and continually hopped IPAs.  Dogfish took its best-selling 60 Minute and added Syrah grape must to create an IPA with equal parts fruity complexity and pungent hoppiness.

60 Minute IPA

A continually hopped super-fantastic East Coast IPA brewed with a slew of great Northwest hops for a powerful, but balanced, citrusy hop character.

90 Minute Imperial IPA

A continually hopped Imperial IPA whose powerful malt backbone stands up to the extreme hopping rate for a pungent, not crushing flavor.

“We’ve been experimenting with continual hopping and inventive beer-wine hybrid concoctions since we first opened our doors twenty-three years ago at our brewpub in Rehoboth,” said Sam Calagione, founder and CEO of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery. “From angling a vibrating football game over a 5-barrel kettle with a bucket of pelletized hops hanging over it – which brought us 90 Minute Imperial IPA and paved the way for 60 Minuteand 120 Minute IPA – to blending grape juice and must in the brewing process with beers like Midas Touch,Noble Rot and Red & White; we take great pride in pushing the boundaries of experimentation in brewing atDogfish and are excited to move ahead into 2019 and beyond as we continue to stoke the flames of creativity in craft beer.”

For more information about Dogfish Head Craft Brewery and the IPAs for the Holidays visit



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Mainstay Independent Brewing Opening in Philly This Week with Brewmaster Brian O’Reilly at the Helm!



Mainstay Independent First of Several Artisan Makers to Land at Craft Hall

OCTOBER 31, 2018 — Long time Pennsylvania beer maker Brian O’Reilly has teamed up with Philadelphia restauranteur, Avram Hornik on a new project scheduled to open in early November.

Mainstay Independent has taken over the former Yard’s brewhouse on Delaware Avenue and O’Reilly along with Andrew Foss formerly of St. Ben’s Brewing have been hard at work crafting a brand new beer portfolio. The tasting room will officially open for sales on November 1.Mainstay Independent Brewing

“Mainstay Independent’s focus will be brewing classic and new world beer styles with balance and passion,” says O’Reilly who spent the past twenty years producing award-winning beer for Sly Fox Brewing Company in Pottstown, PA.

Hornik’s hospitality company, FCM Hospitality runs Morgan’s Pier and Harper’s Garden, among other choice Philadelphia food spots, as well as Parks On Tap, the summer time pop-up experience and previsionary for several holiday season beer gardens.

The name Mainstay Independent comes from the brewing team’s philosophy to create and maintain a balanced portfolio of consistently excellent beers, independently brewed in the city that defined independence. The history and the brewing legacy of the waterfront region has contributed to much of the initial culture of the new Philadelphia brewery.

“Mainstay Independent is a destination brewery that will contribute and expand the vibrant tradition of brewing in Philadelphia” offers Hornik who, in the new year, will transform the space again as Craft Hall.

Scheduled to open in February, Craft Hall will include Mainstay Independent, Lost Bread Bakery, and City Creek BBQ all under one roof.

“I like the idea of bringing all of these expert makers together in Craft Hall where the destination will be as much about the experience as it is about food,” adds Hornik. “People will be able to enjoy the quality offerings individually or together but they’ll also be involved.”

Mainstay Independent Brewing

Craft Hall is expected to offer excellent made-to-order specialties as well as retail products and eventually even bread and beer making kits.

“We want everyone to have the opportunity to know the creative value of the craft experience,” says Hornik.

A limited food menu from chef Adam Lazarick, culinary director for FCM, in collaboration with Parks on Tap chef Justin Koenig will be offered at the outset. Meanwhile, interior and exterior modifications are underway while the brewing team ramps up production.

“All the brewing has made me thirsty and I couldn’t wait to share our beer with the public,” adds O’Reilly. “While we finish working on all the renovations for Craft Hall, it made sense to get a temporary tasting room ready!”

Mainstay Independent will open on Thursday, November 1 with a limited food menu and the first flagship beers including King Laird Weisse.

king.jpgIn 1851, an Irish immigrant named Ralston Laird moved onto the large island, known as Petty Island, upstream from Mainstay Independent in the Delaware River. He was a farm manager who grew wheat on the Island. Ralston was admired for his gumption and integrity and was eventually nicknamed the King of Petty Island.

“Mainstay is the beer drinkers beer,” says O’Reilly. “Like the mainstay of a ship we aim to be a source of support and stability for the great beer that Philadelphia is known for.”

Mainstay Independent is located at 901 E Delaware Avenue in Philadelphia
and initial hours will be:

Wednesday- Friday 4:00PM-12:00AM
Saturday 12:00PM-12:00AM
Sunday 12:00PM-8:00PM


Mainstay Independent Brewing



Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s Mainstay Independent Brewing Company is a craft brewery focused on producing a balanced portfolio of authentic classic styles and new world beers for local distribution and enjoyment in our tasting room. Located at 901 E. Delaware Avenue, Mainstay Independent is a part of Craft Hall, an evolving collection of accessible expert makers in a variety of food disciplines.


901 N. Delaware Avenue, Philadelphia,PA
© Mainstay Independent Brewing Company

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Tuckahoe Brewing Co hosting The Art of Beer on 11/2!

For Immediate Release:

Tuckahoe Brewing Company Hosting “The Art Of Beer” Curated by Local Artist Mike Bell on November 2nd

Join us at Tuckahoe Brewing Company on Friday, November 2nd from 6-9 PM for a unique experience, “The Art of Beer”, an art exhibition curated by local artist Mike Bell featuring several works of art with a common theme… BEER.

The show features local artists including Rob Reed, Diane Roberts, Rodney Ibarra, Tania Pomales, CJ Smith, Jan Bendyna, Josh Williams, Elise Bond, Dave Roesch, Smith Jordan, and more!

The idea for the show was developed by Tuckahoe partner Matt McDevitt, Sales Manager Rob Callaghan,and artist Mike Bell while sampling some tasty Tuckahoe beers.  Art and craft beers go hand in hand, brewing beer is comparable to an artist painting a canvas.  Both are creative processes from beginning to end, involving the blending of different elements to create a vision. Artists and brewers are imaginative and adventurous with their craft, and both aspire to create something that is unique and interesting.  Craft beer label art has become a key piece of the craft beer experience, so we decided to expand on that idea and bring art to the brewery. There were no restrictions given to the artists, they were free to create  anything, with any medium. Whether it be painting, drawing, sculpture or photography, the common thread is the beer theme. Artists only had to include a beer reference or creates something using a beer vessel such as a can, growler, or keg.

A portion of the proceeds from this event will be donated to the South Jersey Field Of Dreams and Breast Cancer Awareness.

Tuckahoe Brewing Company is located at 3092 English Creek Ave, Egg Harbor Twp, NJ 08234

For more info on Tuckahoe Brewing Company visit

Beer 101 Breweries

Tom Spends A Day With Brewer Tadhg Campbell of Slack Tide Brewing Company

We have been sitting on this article for quite some time.  Not because it wasn’t done well, we just wanted to hold onto it until Slack Tide Brewing Company was ready to release their first run of cans.  While we were awaiting the boys to let us know, something very cool happened, they went out and one a Bronze Medal at The Great American Beer Festival for Avalon Amber Ale!  So as this article goes to press their cans of Angry Osprey, Bell Buoy, and Tipsy Dipsy are available in 12 oz 6 packs at the brewery and select locations around South Jersey.  Without further adieu, here is Tom’s article born of sweat and hard work while yours truly sat in air conditioning!

John Couchoud, Editor-In-Chief

A Day With The Brewer

I recently spent a couple days with Tadhg Campbell of Slack Tide Brewing Company  to experience what a brew day consists of. The first day started with cleaning and sanitizing the equipment that will be used for the day. On day one Tadhg and assistant brewer Shawn Karge were going to be brewing a BBL batch one of mine and my wife’s favorite, Avalon Amber Ale. Apparently we are not the only ones who think that.3   This beer just took home the Bronze in the American-Style Amber/Red category for the Avalon at the Great American Beer Festival. Tadhg mentioned to me that it’s not a popular style, but I don’t understand why. It has beautiful color, and a nice toasty, malty flavor. For this batch we milled 110 lbs of base grain, and another 90lbs of specialty malt grains. While the grains did their thing in the Mash Tun we started cleaning kegs, and getting things set up to transfer Sand Spike Session IPA from the fermenter to the Brite tank. While the Sand Spike transfer was taking place I was able to clean 12 half kegs and 19 sixtels in their Keg Commander cleaner. We will be filling those the next day with Sand Spike, their Session IPA. My first day was only about 3 hours, but it was a great warm-up for what was to come on day 2.

Day 2 started out at a balmy 86 degrees in the brew house at 6am. That day Tadhg and assistant brewer Chuck Wieland were going to be brewing a double 10 BBL batch of Bell Buoy,  their award wining Belgian Blonde .  The grain bill for each batch will be a little over 700 lbs. While the first batch of Bell Buoy was in the Mash Tun we started kegging the delicious Sand Spike out of the Brite Tank which yielded 12 half kegs, and 19 sixtels which I had cleaned yesterday. By 8:30 we had the first 10 BBL batch of Bell Buoy in the Brew Kettle and all of the Sand Spike in kegs.  It is balmy in the brew house, currently in the low 90’s, thankfully the cloud cover is saving us. As I thought about the process of brewing, the one word that keeps popping into my head is “multitasking”. As Forrest Gump said “There’s always something to do and somewhere to go”. It’s 9 am, and we start to sanitize the 20 BBL fermenter that housed Sand Spike the day before, and will be the new home for the double batch of Bell Buoy for a couple of weeks. At around 10 am we add the hop bill to the first batch of Bell Buoy and start to pull out the spent grains from the Mash Tun which will be picked up by a local farmer to feed his livestock. I also took some of the spent grain and made a batch of chocolate chip cookies with them that turned out really good (Editor’s Note:  They were good!). The sun is out, and it’s about 100 degrees inside the metal building which houses the brewing operation.  so much for me and my big mouth talking about the cloud cover. As we finished removing the first batch of spent grain, Tadhg started pumping the Bell Buoy through the heat exchanger, and into the freshly sanitized 20 BBL fermenter.

As always there is something to sanitize, and prep for the next stage. It’s like a grain, hops, water, and sanitizing symphony that is kind of special to be a part of. It’s now 11:25 am and is about 110 degrees in the brew house, Chuck is moving to the taproom, and we are joined by sales representative Jordi Nicolau to finish up the day in the brew house. We are now ready to move the second batch from the Mash Tun to the Brew Kettle, and we are still sanitizing the Brite Tank to get it ready for the next batch of liquid gold to go in it. Time check is now 12:45 pm, and I just pulled out the second batch of grain from the Mash which comes in at about 1800 lbs when saturated, and the second batch is boiling. Although Tadhg’s day is far from over I’m ready to taste test some of the Sand Spike we kegged, and grab a few crowlers for the 4th. I can’t thank Tadhg, and his brother Jason, and everyone at Slack Tide that I worked with over the 2 days. It was an awesome experience, and it was hot, and hard work, but if you love what you do you never work a day in your life. I can’t wait to do this at another brewery, and have another great experience.

And, as always, Enjoy Your Pour!


Breweries News

Breaking News! Slack Tide Brewing Company and Village Idiot Brewing Co. Win GABF Medals!


Slack Tide Brewing Company of Clermont and Village Idiot Brewing Company of Mt. Holly both are bringing home hardware from the 2018 Great American Beer Festival!

The only 2 medals for NJ were brought home by 2 South Jersey Breweries!

Slack Tide Brewing Company won a Bronze in the American-Style Amber/Red Ale for Avalon Amber

Village Idiot Brewing Company won a Silver in the Belgian-Style Tripel

Congratulations to both of these breweries on this awesome achievement!


For a Complete list of winners vist the Great American Beer Festival Winners Page