About Us

Founder and Editor-in-Chief
John Couchoud

Founder and Creative Director
Tara Couchoud

Tara and John Couchoud are the proud parents of 4 better than average children and reside in Ocean View, NJ. Tara has a soft spot for turtles, believes Disco is not dead, and dessert is her favorite part of any meal. Tara also tolerates John’s love
of beer and sports, his music snobbery, his fear of snakes, and his affinity to wear shorts well into the winter months.

Tara and John are passionate about the South Jersey Beer Scene and the community it serves and are dedicated to bringing you the best in breweries, bars, bottle shops, and events here in our region. In order to do this, they have coaxed a few of their beer-loving friends to help spotlight the many different facets of our beer community including home brewing, food, and even a little beer science.


Assistant Editor & Senior Staff Writer
Tom Renzulli

Staff Writer
Karen Renzulli

Tom Renzulli was born and raised in Somers Point, New Jersey and, like most of you born in the 60’s and 70’s, his thirst was usually quenched with Budweiser, Miller Lite, or whatever he could get the most of for 10 bucks. Once in a while he would get crazy and have a St. Pauli Girl, Becks, or a Heineken. It wasn’t until Tom, and his wife Karen, moved to Flagstaff, Arizona that he was introduced to the craft beer phenomenon, and his world hasn’t been the same since. Tom was all in on Craft Beer and loved trying all styles. IPA’s, Reds, Browns, Porters, Stouts, Hefe’s and so on. It was in Flagstaff, and Busch Gardens, where he was exposed to pairing food and beer. Tom’s passion for food and beer has to led to hosting dozens of food and beer tasting parties, and truly enjoy doing so. It is his goal to have at least one guest leave with a new appreciation of beer.  That passion will help guide you in matching the right beer with the right food, and we hope you enjoy sampling Tom’s recommendations.

Enjoy Your Pour!

Staff Writer
Paul Sikora

Paul is the father of at least 3 wonderful kids and has an amazing wife who puts up with his shenanigans. Paul has lived in Atlantic County his entire life and has an unusually unhealthy obsession with cigars and craft beers. His goals are to win the lottery, see his Dolphins win the Super Bowl, and to convey his knowledge of fine smokes and suds onto you, the reader. We know you will find his contributions helpful and maybe even a bit useful.

Staff Writer and Podcast Host
Vic Sbailo

I’ve worked in the financial services industry for many years, but have been a home brewer for about five. I started with Mr. Beer and with the help and encouragement of my family, gradually increased my commitment and passion for brewing. In an effort to expand my knowledge and meet some local brewers with the same passion I had, I joined the Ocean County Homebrewers Association last year.

I was elected president this year by acclamation, the process of elimination, or being pushed to the front of the room, I don’t exactly remember, but I’ve learned a lot from this talented group of men and women. I look forward to contributing to
South Jersey Beer Scene as it gives me the opportunity to focus on 2 of my favorite things, writing and beer, and also highlight some of our great Ocean County breweries!

Podcast Host
Rob Towey

Rob Towey is our Podcast guru and also will be a contributor to the site as a writer. Rob is a dedicated husband to his wife Chris and loves hanging out with his kids and grandchildren. Rob turned his love of craft beer into hosting his own podcast, “Jersey Beer Guys…And A Girl” (look for it on iTunes!). Rob and his gang had South Jersey Beer Scene Founder/Editor John Couchoud on as a guest and the two of them really hit it off so they decided to develop another podcast of their own and the
South Jersey Beer Scene Podcast was born.