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Oskar Blues Brewery Teams Up With French’s On French’s Mustard Beer


Oskar Blues Brewery Teams up with French’s on French’s Mustard Beer VALLEY, MD– Today, French’s® announced the availability of French’s Mustard Beer, just in time for National Mustard Day. Developed in partnership with Oskar Blues Brewery, known as the maker of the original craft beer in a can, this limited-release tropical wheat beer is brewed with French’s Classic Yellow® Mustard. French’s Mustard Beer will be available to order through national craft beer marketplace and platform, CraftShack, starting August 1st as…

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The world of craft beer is an exciting and magical place. It is an ever-changing landscape now filled with thousands of breweries, tens of thousands of different beers, and millions of craft-hungry consumers drinking, talking, reviewing, and writing about…

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Home Brewing

Why We Brew – Part 2

Last summer I wrote an article for SJBC Why We Brew Part I which focused on the history of home brewing. I had intended Part II to be about home brewers themselves, the joy they derive from the craft…