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Join Ludlam Island Brewery for the Solar Eclipse on 8/21/17


The crew at Ludlam Island Brewery in Ocean View will be having a Solar Eclipse Party at the brewery on Monday, 8/21/17.  There will not be another solar eclipse until 4/8/24,  and what would be better than a heading down to the brewery and experience the event with a bunch of beer-loving friends!  Joe and Brad have cooked up a special cask beer for the event.  They put a bunch of orange flesh, juice, and zest in some Fish Alley IPA along with an extra dry hop of Mandarina Bavaria. It’s like taking a bite out of an orange.

The brewery’s reserve of eclipse glasses have all been accounted for, so make sure you bring your own pair and a beach chair to watch this incredible celestial event.  The best time to watch the eclipse will be from 1-4 pm, but the brewery will be open from 12-8 pm to keep the party going all day long!

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