10 Questions with Mark McPherson of Cold Spring Village Brewery


Mark McPherson’s journey to becoming the Head Brewer at The Historic Cold Spring Village Brewery had many twists and turns.  Mark was working with the company that was moving the barn, which now houses the brewery, from Palermo to The Village when director Anne Salvatore heard that he had some brewing experience.  After speaking to Mark, Cold Spring Village had found their brewmaster. Mark installed the brewing system and got the brewery up and running.   Mark has big plans for the brewery and was kind enough to sit down with us and talk beer.

Special thanks to Mark, Anne, Tammy, and John for their hospitality!

What was the first beer you brewed and how was it?

The first beer I made was an IPA, it was pretty good for a first try!

What is your favorite style to brew and why?

SMaSH (Single Malt/Single Hop)

Do you look at ratings on Untappd, Beer Advocate, or Rate Beer and, if you do, does it influence your recipes?

Yes I look, but it does not affect my recipes

How do you stay connected to the local area in relation to sourcing ingredients?

Talking with locals, also we have 6 acres of land I would eventually like to use for the brewery.  We also have several of the elements for beer growing naturally like Sorghum, which we can turn into molasses and use in the brewing process. (Editor’s note, this is Mark’s future plan, but will take some developing)

What is one tip you would give home brewers to make better beer?

Keep it simple! Learn how to produce good, clean beer.

What is one piece of advice you would give someone who wants to open a brewery?

It takes more than you think!

It there was a beer you could brew with no regards to cost, production, or sales what would it be?

Barley Wine aged in Casks, not bourbon casks or anything like that, just natural aged wood casks.

Looking back to your opening day forward, what was the one thing that happened that surprised you the most?

The starting lineup was a hit! 

Other than your beer, what is your go to after a long day at the brewery?


Where do you see the brewery in a year?  In 5 Years?

In the next year double our sales.  In 5 years we want to be able to support The Historic Cold Spring Village, this is the Brewery’s Mission.  We want to sustain the Village, lessen our reliance on grants, and be able to lower gate fees for the Village.



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    Tom Renzulli
    March 16, 2017 at 6:52 am

    This was a fun day! Great time with Mark and staff.

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    Dave Fletcher
    August 31, 2017 at 4:34 pm

    We did a great interview with Mark on the Brew Jersey podcast ( over the weekend. Check it out here:

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