Art Gallery Tattoo – Our Latest SJBS Podcast Sponsor

Art Gallery Tattoo - SJBS Podcast Sponsor

A great craft beer is like a fine piece of art as the brewer works with a pallet of grains, hops and yeast to create a masterpiece. As part of that same creative spirit, we would like to highlight our newest partners, the artists of Art Gallery Tattoo of Forked River, NJ.

Art Gallery Tattoo is a collective of 4 individual artists, Stephanie, Kate, Lucy, and Jamahl, located in Forked River, NJ. Stephanie, who has over 30 years of tattooing experience, was one of the founders who started the studio 13 years ago.

“We wanted to establish a place where independent artists could showcase their talent, but also one with a friendly atmosphere. One where customers wouldn’t be intimated or nervous about the tattoo experience.”
Stephanie – Art Gallery Tattoo Artist

All of the artists are adept at different styles of tattoo art, but just as a brewer may have a favorite beer to brew, each artist has their own specialty. Steph is well known throughout the shore area for her realistic portraits and animal art.

A Variety of Styles and Specialities

Kate has also been on board from the outset and is now in her 13th year of tattooing at Art Gallery. “I have a degree in graphic arts, but I didn’t want to be bored with the 9-5 world, so tattooing gave me the freedom to do the art that I want to do. People are happy to come in and see me because I am giving them something they want, not just creating a piece of art to sell something!”

Kate specializes in cartoons and pop art. “I like to work on pieces that are fun but challenging to do.” Kate is also responsible for the design and execution of the Ocean County Home Brewers logo and you also may see her artwork in the background of photos taken during the “South Jersey Beer Scene presents Vic’s Basement Brewcast” tapings.

Lucy and Jamahl are more recent additions to the team with Lucy joining in 2018 and Jamahl coming on board last year. Both bring extensive experience to the collective with Lucy tattooing for 8 years and Jamahl, 5 years.

Lucy has done many styles and designs but if she was to choose her specialty she would say florals. Jamahl’s focus is black and grey shadings and his favorite designs are baroque and renaissance statues.

Creativity, talent and experience Art Gallery has it all. Thanks to Steph, Kate, Lucy and Jamahl for letting us into your world, sharing your art, philosophy and time. Art Gallery Tattoo is located at 305 Lacey Rd Forked River, NJ 08731 609-971-1236.

You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram, so please check them out.

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