Here Are Your Homebrew Harvest Winners!

South Jersey Beer Scene Harvest Homebrew Contest Winners

A winner was crowned in South Jersey Beer Scene’s first Homebrew Harvest Contest, as Eric Schmehl, of Brew Jersey home brew club took the gold medal for his Imperial Stout. As the grand champion, Eric will have his stout brewed on the commercial system at Garden State Beer Company. Dennis Kuchmas of Ocean County Home Brewers Association took the silver for his Belgian Dark Strong, while Dorien Saunders, also of Brew Jersey took the bronze for his Altbier. It was a hotly contested competition as only 2 points separated Gold from Bronze. Each also won their particular category as did Rob Guthner w from Ocean County Home Brewers Association with his English IPA.

The event, which was an AHA sanctioned competition, had almost 40 entries in 4 different categories, Stouts/Porters Winter Warmers, Ambers and English Ales. Participants paid an entry fee and the competition was sponsored by Circle Liquors, Eastern Homebrew, Fermented Food and Beverage Supply Shop and Keg and Barrel Homebrew Shop. All proceeds from the event went to benefit the non-profit, Brewery Strong.

Thank you to all who came out to judge in a socially distanced appropriate atmosphere at Garden State Beer Company, our sponsors and, of course, Garden State Beer Company for being gracious enough to host the event and brew the winning beer.

Editor’s Note:  We were able to raise over 500$ for Brewery Strong!  Please keep an eye out for your scoresheets which will be emailed to you this week, and have a great Thanksgiving-John

Full list of winners are:

Best in Show

Eric Schmehl, BBA RIS Imperial Stout

Dennis Kuchmas, Dead Man’s Curve Belgian Dark Strong

Dorien Saunders, Wizened Altbier

Category Winners

English Ales: Rob Guthner, Guardian English IPA

Ambers: Dorien Saunders, Wizened Altbier

Winter Warmers: Dennis Kuchmas, Dead Man’s Curve Belgian Dark Strong

Stouts/Porters: Eric Schmehl, BBA RIS Imperial Stout

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