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Kelly Green’s Annual Pecher Barrel-Fermented Peach Saison Bottle Release Happening Saturday 4/7/18 at the Brewery in Pitman!


Kelly Green Brewing Company in Pitman, NJ will be having their annual release of their highly regarded Pecher Barrel-Fermented Peach Saison this Saturday 4/7 at the brewery starting at noon.  Holding a very solid 4.26 rating on Untappd, this is one of the releases that we have been looking forward to this year!

Ed Coffey, the barrel program director at Kelly Green, told us about the intricate process that is used to make the Saison.  “Brewed with wheat, rye, and aged hops then primary fermented and aged in wine barrels with our house mixed culture. After maturation in oak is complete, we referment the beer on 2lbs/gallon of fresh, fuzzy, juicy, overripe peaches exclusively from our pals at Duffield’s Farm. The resultant beer is highly effervescent, fruity & tart, with notes of overripe fleshy stone fruit and with an underlying sweetness tying it together”.   This is one of the best examples of a Farm/Brewery collaboration in the area. “Duffield’s has been taking our spent grain since we opened to use on the farm to feed livestock, compost, etc. We love that fact that our waste, in small part, helps keep our neighborhood farm vibrant and flourishing. It all comes full circle when that very farm feeds our barrel program some of the juiciest softball-sized peaches you’ll ever see!” Ed told us.

Kelly Green has been one of the leaders of the barrel fermentation program, not only in South Jersey but in the entire region.  They have also done a collaboration with Ludlam Island Brewery and with Amanda Cardinale and Sean Towers from The Seed: A Living Beer Project, a highly anticipated brewery in planning that we are looking forward to here in South Jersey.

Ed further elaborated on their barrel program, “Our barrel program consists of a myriad of Saison based beers that spend their entire lifecycle in oak, both fermented and aged with our house mixed culture of Brettanomyces and Bacteria. We have a small fleet of about 18 wine barrels, ranging from white wine Chardonnay to Merlot barrels from California, and Marsala barrels from Italy. We try to partner with NJ farms as often as we can to source fruit to referment the beers on for variation and seasonality once the barrels are mature. Everything is (almost) exclusive packaged in 750mL champagne bottles, naturally conditioned for many months before release.”

The bottles will cost you $20 bucks for a 750 ml with a 6 bottle per person limit.  For more information please visit Kelly Green on the web at 

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