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We are beer lovers and residents of South Jersey who realized that their was not a single resource dedicated to our burgeoning beer scene.  Sure, there are some great sites out their that highlight beer news in New Jersey, but nothing specific to us here in South Jersey, especially in Cumberland, Cape, and Atlantic Counties.  Our beer scene has exploded in the last few years and we have seen the opening of a bunch of breweries, the expansion of taps in bars, beer festivals, and extensive beer selections in bottle shops.  This explosion has also fueled home brewing, beer cellaring and collecting, beer tourism, and attention on beer as a whole.  People are trying different things, not just knocking down a can of Bud or Coors light, expanding their beer horizons by trying all the different styles that we can easily find here now in South Jersey.

We are going to bring you the best brewery news, bar happenings, bottle shop releases, and coverage of events here in South Jersey. In addition we will try to teach you a little about beer tasting, food pairings, homebrewing, and maybe even a little beer science.

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