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Beer 101

Why We Brew

Why We Brew - A few freshly capped home brew bottles

"The golden age of beer is before us, not behind us"- Noted ale drinker, Will Shakespeare. A little poetic license with the Bard, but we are truly in the "Golden Age of Beer". There are over 7,000 breweries in US as of 2018, with 1,000 more opening in 2019. 80% of Americans live within 10 miles of a brewery, so craft beer is truly a slice of American life. But where does all this start? Where does the fire, the…

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Classic Craft Beers
Beer 101

5 Classic Craft Beers You Need to Revisit

Craft beer is the latest in a my lifelong hobby of collecting things. I’ve collected everything from baseball cards to comic books. I barely finish logging my latest brew into Untappd before thinking of what new beer I’m going…

Beer 101

Girls Take Flight With Karen: Why Is It Called A Flight?

Did you ever wonder why a flight is called a flight? I tried researching this, but didn’t come up with much information. Every resource seems to agree that “flight” originates from the second dictionary definition of the word. Flight…