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Breweries Cigar Pairing

Stogies and Sips with Paul: Imperial Stout Barrel-Aged Cigars


A few weeks ago I was sitting on my porch with my cell phone in hand as I waited for the mail truck to arrive. I knew the delivery would be coming soon because I had the tracking info pulled up on my phone.  My wife was watering the flowers and commented on how ridiculous I was being. Then, BOOM, the truck pulled up. I think I knocked my wife over on my way to the mail truck. I grabbed…

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Breweries Cigar Pairing

Stogies and Sips With Paul

I have been a student of cigars for over a decade. I have also been known to indulge in a few beers as well. My goal with this series is to inform you, the casual cigar smoker, in the…