Great New South Jersey Beer Guide Available Now!


We had the opportunity to evaluate a copy of this book and really liked what we read.  I know that there are websites and apps out there that that try and do the same thing (including ours), but there is something about feeling a book in your hands and being able to flip through its pages that makes this a great addition to any beer lover’s collection.

Author Maureen Fitzpatrick goes a little more in-depth with the book than most apps or websites.  She not only tells you where the brewery is but also gives you a little about its ownership, history, business hours, flagship beers, and social media information.  The book is organized by county and also gives you suggested touring “trails” when going to visit a bunch of breweries in one day.  There is also a ton of pictures in the book showing many of the faces of the people that are involved in each business which is a nice touch.

We highly recommend this book, it is completely focused on South Jersey and is a great guide when navigating all of the great breweries and brewpubs in our area!

The book lists at $13.99 and the book is available on Amazon and a few other outlets.  Check out the links below for more information.

AmazonA Guide To New Jersey Craft Breweries, South Jersey Edition


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    Gary Chierici
    November 12, 2017 at 2:54 pm

    Hi John, I’m half wat through the book and love it. In fact I’m heading down to check out Vinyl later today. Two comments on the book though, how could you talk about Tuckahoe and not mention Award winning New Brighton Coffee Stout? Second as a Porter and Stout guy the book so far seems to gloss over them and I can tell you there are several great ones in the South Jersey Craft.Beer scene.
    Just my two cents added. Keep up the great work your doing. Along with the book I love the site.
    Thanks Gary

    • Reply
      November 12, 2017 at 4:14 pm

      Hi Gary, thanks for following our site! I just want to state first, I am not the author of the book nor do we have a financial interest in the book. I did allow the author (Maureen Fitzpatrick) to use one of our photos for the book but that is the extent of our involvement. I do agree that there a ton of great porters and stouts available here in South Jersey, specifically those that you spoke of as well as Cape May’s King Porter Stomp, Tonewood’s Barrel Bound, Pineland’s Oyster Stout, Ludlam’s 547, Garden State’s Leeds Point Porter and so on. What we liked about the book is that the author took the time to visit each brewery and speak with someone regarding the beer that they made. It also gives a little history of the brewery and a bunch of other info that is perfect for a guidebook. Being the first edition, I agree that there are things that certainly can be improved, but I think it is done really well and does exactly what it set out to do. I would suggest that you find the author on Facebook and let her know what you think so she can add it to the next edition. She can be found on Facebook by searching for @beertrailbooksouthjersey

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