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Vote AC Beer & Music Festival as Best Beer Festival in USA Today’s 2018 10 Best Readers Choice


Coming off last year’s number 2 spot in the USA Today’s 10 Best Beer Festival in 2016 and 2017, The Atlantic City Beer & Music Festival has once again been nominated for the USA Today 10 Best Readers Choice Award for the best beer festival in the United States.  You know how they say it is a great honor to be nominated?  It is, but isn’t winning the ultimate goal?  Quick! Who came in 2nd in last years Kentucky Derby?  Who was the second person to run a 4-minute mile? Who was the silver medal winner the decathlon in 1976?  See what I mean! (BTW the answers are Lookin at Lee,  John Landy, and Guido Kratschmer)

All kidding aside, coming in 2nd in this contest is an incredible accomplishment.  Jon Henderson and all of the staff at Good Time Tricycle Productions really work hard on making each year bigger and better, adding more breweries, events, and cool vendors to make every year a really unique experience.  This year is no exception, with over 140 breweries pouring nearly 1000 beers, The Hops Trot, 3 great bands, the inaugural year of Podcast Row (which we are really excited to be a part of) and so much more.  And all of it is right here in South Jersey!

So, here is our mission.  Let’s get the AC Beer & Music Festival to the top spot.  Last year the winner was the Great American Beer Fest in Denver, a fantastic festival by all means, but they have had a 23-year head start on AC!  So follow the link below and get the vote out!

Hit the Picture to Go to and vote!


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