Core 3 Brewery of Clayton, New Jersey

Core3 Brewery Now Open for Business

It’s official – the long-awaited Core3Brewery in Clayton, Gloucester County is open! On August 2, 2019, with a ton of beer lovers in attendance, the brewery opened to the public with a ribbon cutting ceremony. We had the pleasure…

The crowd at the AC Beer Fest - 8 Survival Tips

8 Beer Fest Survival Tips

With the incredible popularity of craft beer you can find a beer festival close by just about every weekend. These festivals are a great way to sample beer but can be very overwhelming if you don’t have a plan…

South Jersey Beer Scene Brewery Tours

Announcing South Jersey Beer Scene Brewery Tours

Visit your favorite South Jersey breweries with South Jersey Beer Scene Brewery Tours! You’ve read the articles, listened to the podcast, and watched the videos, now drink the beer with us on curated tours of South Jersey’s best breweries!…

Welcome to AC - The 5 Best Beer Bars in Atlantic City

5 Great Beer Bars in Atlantic City

Looking for a place to grab a cold one in Atlantic City? What was once a barren wasteland for craft beer now boasts some of the best beer bars in the area! Already home to the Tun Tavern, and…

Why We Brew - A few freshly capped home brew bottles
Beer 101

Why We Brew

"The golden age of beer is before us, not behind us"- Noted ale drinker, Will Shakespeare. A little poetic license with the Bard, but we are truly in the "Golden Age of Beer". There are over 7,000 breweries in…

Classic Craft Beers
Beer 101

5 Classic Craft Beers You Need to Revisit

Craft beer is the latest in a my lifelong hobby of collecting things. I’ve collected everything from baseball cards to comic books. I barely finish logging my latest brew into Untappd before thinking of what new beer I’m going…