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Cape May Brewing Company and Iron Hill Release Collaboration Benefitting Surfrider Foundation South Jersey

Cape May Brewing Company and Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant

Collaborate on Twin Fin Kettle-Soured Session New England Style IPA

Benefiting Surfrider Foundation South Jersey

Cape May, NJ — Cape May Brewing Company is joining forces with Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant in Voorhees to brew Twin Fin, a kettle-soured, session, New England-Style IPA, with a portion of the proceeds to benefit Surfrider Foundation South Jersey — a non-profit, activist organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s ocean, waves, and beaches.

“We’re inextricably tied to the ocean in Cape May,” says Cape May Brewing Company CEO and co-owner Ryan Krill, “and it’s up to the businesses and residents who are here year ‘round to protect it. It’s — by far — the most precious and threatened natural resource we have in our area, so, when Iron Hill came up with the idea of a collaboration to support Surfrider South Jersey, we were happy to come aboard.”

Many of the staff at Iron Hill — located in the western part of New Jersey — have ties to the ocean.

“My family is from the Jersey Shore,” says Iron Hill Head Brewer William Mink, “and I’ve spent a lot of my life there. I’ve been surfing since I was a little kid, and it’s very important to me to protect our waterways, shores, and coastlines for future generations to enjoy as I have.”

Surfrider South Jersey was “stoked” about the plan, always interested in finding new ways to bring their cause to light.

“A lot of what we do can be serious: speaking at city council meetings, educating kids in assemblies, attending rallies and marches,” said Beth Kwart, Chair of the South Jersey Chapter. “This collaboration is a great opportunity to raise awareness using something fun.”

This collaboration comes at a particularly advantageous time for Surfrider Foundation South Jersey, as there are a number of issues currently threatening the health of the world’s ocean.

“From seismic testing and offshore drilling to a steady increase in plastic pollution, our ocean needs protecting so future generations can enjoy the water as we do,” Kwart says. “That is our mission: to protect and enjoy our local oceans, waves, and beaches. We need more people to get involved! We believe this beer will help us raise awareness and maybe even make someone take further action.”

The teams from Cape May Brewing Company and Iron Hill both feature a number of diehard surfers, and, as such, the collaboration was relaxed and natural.

“We both knew how important this was, and, by creating a unique product, it would drive even more hype for the cause,” says Iron Hill Lead Brewer Rob Fox. “So we let the surfers on both teams drive the ideas on the recipe.”

Eventually, the two teams designed the recipe to be a crushable, easy-drinking IPA with the tropical fruit character of the New England varieties and a touch of refreshing tartness that will help emphasize the pineapple notes from the Denali and Idaho 7 hops. As a kettle-soured New England IPA, Twin Fin is a chance to combine two very popular styles.

“They’re both all the rage right now,” Mink says, “but there are a million of them out there. Why not combine them? I haven’t seen many sour NEIPAs out there. I think this is something the local beer fans will enjoy and find special.”

Twin Fin will benefit Surfrider Foundation South Jersey’s many programs, such as their Ocean Friendly Gardens program and single-use plastic reduction initiatives, including their Ocean Friendly Restaurant program, which encourages restaurants throughout South Jersey to lessen their reliance on single-use plastics.

In addition, the three organizations will be participating in a beach cleanup effort the Saturday before Earth Day, April 20th, open to the public, at Higbee Beach in Cape May County from 8:30am to 10:30am.

“Higbee Beach is one of the hidden gems of Cape May,” says Krill. “It’s a haven for bird watching, picking beach plums, hunting for Cape May diamonds, and tracking down some of Cape May’s famous ghosts. It’s also one of the most peaceful places in Cape May County, perfect for soaking up the serenity of nature where the ocean meets the bay, and requires continual preservation efforts.”

As access to Higbee Beach is limited, a mandatory meetup will take place before the cleanup at Cape May Brewing Company’s Tasting Room at 1288 Hornet Road in the Cape May Airport, with Surfrider Foundation South Jersey providing supplies such as trash bags, gloves, buckets, and trash grabbers. Space is limited, so please register at

Following the cleanup, Cape May Brewing Company will be hosting a volunteer appreciation party featuring a sneak peek of Twin Fin. Only attendees of the Beach Cleanup are invited to attend.

For more information on Surfrider Foundation South Jersey, see For more information on Iron Hill, Voorhees, see or call (856) 545-9009. For more information on Cape May Brewing Company, including for tours and tastings, see or call (609) 849-9933.


About Cape May Brewing Company:

Once upon a time, 20-something Ryan Krill earned a six-figure salary working in finance and real estate development in Manhattan, while his college roommate, Chris Henke, designed commercial satellites. During a summer weekend at the Jersey shore, they brewed a batch of beer with Ryan’s dad. “Should we open a brewery?” Ryan asked, only half-serious. But, by the following year, the three guys had secured a space at Cape May Airport where they concocted a makeshift brew system and honed their beer-making skills. In 2011, they started with one client. Today, there are hundreds of accounts in New Jersey and Pennsylvania proudly serving the guys’ award-winning recipes. And CMBC’s fearless leaders have never looked back.

About Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant:

Nothing’s more local than beer brewed ten feet from your table, and nothing’s fresher than every dressing, every stock, every sauce made from scratch every day. And nothing’s truer to who we are than letting our craft beers and handcrafted foods inspire one another in unexpected ways. And while we’re the most award-winning brewery east of the Mississippi, we’re not in for the fame or the glory. We’re in it because we love what we do, which is brewing beer, getting creative in the kitchen, and integrating our passion from tap to table. We’re more than a scratch kitchen. We’re more than a craft brewery. We’re Iron Hill. Craft Kitchen. Scratch Brewery.

About Surfrider Foundation South Jersey:

The Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit grassroots organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of our world’s oceans, waves and beaches through a powerful activist network. Founded in 1984 by a handful of visionary surfers in Malibu, California, the Surfrider Foundation now maintains over 250,000 supporters, activists and members worldwide. The Surfrider Foundation South Jersey Chapter protects the coastline in Atlantic and Cape May Counties. For more information, visit


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What is Real Ale?
Real Ale is an unfiltered and unpasteurized beer that is conditioned and served from a cask (or firkin) without additional CO2 or nitrogen. It’s normally served at a warmer temperature (50-55 degrees) and has a more complex flavor. Real Ale is very popular in the United Kingdom and has a niche following here in the US. If you haven’t tried Real Ale, I highly recommend it!
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Cape May- Maybe She’s Brewed With It: a kettle-soured ale with cherry and mango.
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Tun Tavern Launching Diving Horse Line of Craft Beer Paying Homage to the Steel Pier Icon

For nearly half a century Atlantic City’s Steel Pier was home to one of the most amazing attractions in the world,  the Steel Pier Diving Horse.  Up to 4 times a day an energetic, well-trained, water-loving horse would dive from as high as 60 feet from an elevated platform into a large pool for a throng of spectators. Usually an attractive young woman in a bathing suit would ride on the back of the fearless steed as it jettisoned through the air and into the water. The horses trained for several months and only the most valiant were selected for the big show. 

As Legend has it, the idea of the Diving Horse was born in Texas by “Doc” William Frank Carver, a 19th Century sharp shooter who traveled the Wild West performing shows that included animal acts and shooting exhibitions. The story has it that while his show was traveling over a bridge in Nebraska, Carver and his horse fell through a wooden bridge plunging into a river. This mishap gave birth to the Diving Horse, which quickly grew to become his favorite act in his traveling show. Doc’s children Al and Lorena helped train and take care of the horses. It is said that Lorena was the first rider of diving horses and she trained her own favorite horse, Ruby Red Lips,  to make the dives. In 1923 Sonora Webster joined the company and quickly became one of the most well-known divers starting at the young age of 15.  Senora would go on to marry Al and continue to dive and help Al run the company after Doc Carver’s death in 1927. The traveling show was eventually split into two distinct companies with one of them settling in Atlantic City in 1928. 

The continued to run on the Steel Pier until 1978, when pressure from animal rights group forced it to close, even though during its 50 years on the Pier not one animal was harmed. When the animals did jump, they jumped on their own. No cattle prods, whips, or any other devices were used to force the horse to do the dive. In fact, sometimes it would take a horse up to 20 minutes to decide to jump. In some cases the horse would just turn around and walk down the ramp and not jump at all. When an injury would occur it would be to the diver, and that was usually from the horse thrashing in the water to swim after a dive. The major injury happened to Senora Carver when she landed in the water face first. She wasn’t expected to be propelled face first and her eyes were open causing her to rupture both retinas and leaving her virtually sightless. This did not stop her from diving as she continued to do so for 11 more years until her retirement.

The Tun Tavern is no stranger to history. The original Tun Tavern was established in Philadelphia in 1685 by Samuel Carpenter in what is now known as Penn’s Landing. The Tun Tavern hosted a number of first meetings for individuals and organizations including Benjamin Franklin’s use of the brewery to recruit members for the Philadelphia militia as it prepared to fight a Native American uprising. The Tavern would also later host meetings for George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and the Continental Congress. The Tun was also the place where the United States Marines held their first recruitment drive.

The reincarnated Tun Tavern in Atlantic City was established by Montgomery Dahm and opened in 1998. As of this date it still is Atlantic City’s only brewery using the famed quality water found in Atlantic City to make craft beer. With Montgomery’s love of history, his service to this country, and his affection for the Atlantic City area, the development of the new Diving Horse line of beers seemed like a no brainer. With new Brew Master Brad Judge at the helm of the Diving Horse brand, one can only expect excellence, and that is what he has accomplished. Coming off of his collaboration with Atlantic City’s own Little Water Distillery’s Whitecap Barrel-Aged Stout, Brad has proven to be an up and coming brewer in South Jersey ( See our ”New Tun Tavern Brew Master Brad Judge Crafting Great Beer in Atlantic City).

The Diving Horse line of beers has three distinct flavor profiles on its roster. The Diving Horse IPA is a New England Style IPA. This hazy beer is full-bodied, yet smooth, with an intense flavor profile brewed with a combination of barley, oats, and wheat. It is heavily dry hopped with Amarillo, Mosaic and Citra. The flavors and aromas of tropical fruits, melon, and citrus will definitely impress those with the more fickle taste buds. 

The second beer under the Diving Horse line is the reimagined High Altitude Double IPA. This beer is brewed with oats and wheat. It is aggressively hopped with Simcoe, Citra, and Mosaic leaving it with a citrusy, tropical fruit and pine flavor profile that makes this a very drinkable double IPA. (Almost too drinkable in my opinion!)

The third beer in the Diving horse line of beers is the Red Lips. This is an American Red Ale named after the famed diving horse owned by Lorena Carver. This beer has a slightly sweet and toasty malt profile with a light hop bitterness that is extremely drinkable.

With their launch of the Diving Horse line of beers early this May, The Tun Tavern has created the perfect balance of Atlantic City’s past and future. With their reputation in the food industry already being top-notch and Brad Judge as their Master Brewer the Tun Tavern is now Atlantic City’s next must visit attraction.