WheatonArts to Host the What’s On Tap Festival On June 17th


WheatonArts’ first sentence of their mission statement reads as follows:  “WheatonArts engages artists and audiences in an evolving exploration of creativity.”  I think that brewers are artists, using hops, malt, water, and yeast to create an intricate canvas of flavors.  The brewer, like the artist, can inject a piece of their own self into the piece.  It could be from their life experience or an avant-garde selection of some ingredient that is so new and unique that the style will soon be imitated by many.  These men and women truly are artisans of the highest order.

That is why WheatonArts is the perfect place to hold a beer festival.  This beautiful area that is nestled along a lake will provide a great setting to sample beers from the 25 Breweries that are slated to attend including locals Glasstown Brewery, Slack Tide Brewing Company, Tomfoolery Brewing Company, Garden State Beer Company, 7 Mile Brewery, and Tuckahoe Brewery.  They will be joined by others such as Southern Tier, Samuel Adams, Magic Hat, Beach Haus and much more.

Noted beer personality Gary Monterosso will be on hand to talk beer and have a special recording of his “What’s On Tap” show.  There will also be food trucks, live music, craft vendors, brewery awards, and games.

This is a can’t miss event!  Great beer, great food, great music!

For tickets follow this link HERE!

More information can be found at

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