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The South Jersey Beer Scene Podcast Episode 2: AC Beer & Music Fest Official Beer Selection Show

Podcast Episode #2 is up!  In this edition, we were invited to the Atlantic City Beer & Music Festival Official beer selection at Tuckahoe Brewing Company.  Jon Henderson of Good Time Tricycle Productions puts on this great festival every year and one of the newest additions is creating a special beer for the event.  Last year Forgotten Boardwalk had the honor and it went over great, so Jon teamed up with Tuckahoe to concoct this year’s beer.  The results are in!  Listen to the podcast below where we are also joined by Tuckahoe’s Rob Callaghan and Tim Caron, Gary Monterosso of “What’s On Tap”, and Scott Akins from Brew Bus NJ and a new venture that will be coming soon!  Cheers!



Breweries Events

Three 3’s Celebrating Their 2nd Anniversary on 2/3!

In this season of brewery anniversaries, our friends at Three 3’s Brewing Company of Hammonton joins the party celebrating their 2nd Anniversary on Saturday, February 2nd at 1 PM. There are lots of fun things going on including free raffles every hour, Pop Shop Food Truck, Cake, and new beers tapping at 1 and 5 pm. They have been making daily announcements of the beers on tap and today the 12th one will be announced on 2/1 at 3:33 pm on their Facebook page, so make sure you check them out!  I also have a little inside information that another announcement may be made at that time, so make sure you go to Three 3’s on Facebook!

Things have really boomed for Three 3’s since their last anniversary.  They have increased their distribution over a wider area of the state and beer aficionados everywhere are always quick to come try their new releases.  Three 3’s was widely known for producing great IPA’s, but they also have really expanded their tap list with some great Stouts, Pale Ales, Saisons, and Porters.  Just last week they released a unique collaboration that they did with Brotherton Brewing Company called Unfathomable Transgression, a unique “Jersey Style” Hazy Lager.  Bugg Juice was also the winner of the 2017 IPA Smackdown at Cork City in Hoboken in a blind taste test. In addition, Totally Drenched was named Best DIPA at the Maloney’s IPA Competition, and they won a Kick the Keg event at the Mellow Mushroom in Toms River.  That is what I would call a pretty good run! I was able to ask Mike Geller of Three 3’s a few questions regarding the brewery and the answers are quite interesting!

Since your last anniversary things have really boomed for the brewery,  What are some of the things that you attribute this too?  

We don’t think there’s any one specific factor this can be attributed to, but we’ll certainly share some thoughts. First and foremost is the support of the local community. Without local support, a tasting room cannot succeed, and we’re extremely grateful for the support we have and continue to receive. To grow outside the local area, we’ve been more active in participating in beer festivals throughout the state, and beer events in general. The exposure to people who may not know where Hammonton is located is invaluable. Being in a small, close-knit town has advantages and disadvantages and while our local community’s support is extremely important, the small town setting necessitates gaining acceptance in the marketplace across the state. Seeing this acceptance and the demand for cans led us into canning one of our most popular beers, Drenched at the end of the summer. I think cans play an enormous role as they’re easily shared, traded and moved not just around town, but across the country. This acceptance and an investment into a pilot system has allowed us to create small-batch beers through our Evolution line which have been extremely well received. It’s a cool way for us to get really creative and make something exclusively available in our tasting room.

Where do you see the brewery when you celebrate your next anniversary?

By next year, we hope to grow fairly significantly. We’re in the final stages of negotiations to begin distributing into Philadelphia to get our beer out into a large market that is just across the river. By next year we hope to expand our cellar capacity. We’re in the process now of adding our first Brite tank, which will provide much needed additional capacity and will help us in an effort to make cans available more regularly. We also anticipate releasing more beers through our Evolution Series and launching a new experimental series focusing on darker beer styles. We’ll hopefully be able to share more soon on that.

Three 3’s started canning this year.  Will we see more this year?  Any thoughts on distribution to other parts of the state?

Definitely, we have plans to continue canning and are currently planning the next run. As for distributing cans, we did distribute a small number of cans from both runs we’ve done. Unfortunately, with limited capacity, this meant that stores received one or two cases which didn’t keep the beer on the shelves regularly. On that note, we will be launching a brand new beer this spring, exclusively in cans which will leverage some of the lessons learned through our Evolution series. We can’t say much more now, but stay tuned at AC Beer Fest for more details!

Congratulations to the entire staff of Three 3’s Brewing Company for reaching another milestone.  We look forward to big things in the upcoming year.

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Welcome To The South Jersey Beer Scene Podcast!


Our first episode is up today on iTunes, Google Play, Soundcloud, Spotify, and Stitcher and we are really excited about it.  We are going to bring you all the best in South Jersey Beer including interviews, live event podcasts, news, and everything beer in South Jersey.

On this episode, Rob Towey, Tom Renzulli, Vic Sbailo, Amy Dimond, John Couchoud talk about what we saw in 2017, what we expect in 2018, and why you should not miss AC Beerfest.  Remember, this is a work in progress and we would like your input.  Drop us a line and let us know who or what you would like us to talk about and we will do our best to make it happen.

We have a great guest list for upcoming episodes including Jon Henderson of Good Time Tricycle Productions and AC Beerfest, Rob Callaghan of Tuckahoe Brewing Company, Jason Campbell from Slack Tide Brewing Company, and many more.

Thanks for all of your support, give it a download and let us know what you think!


Beer 101

Girls Take Flight with Karen-Sourpuss!

You walk into the brewery, take your tour, and go read the menu. You see Stouts, IPA’s, Ales, Lagers, Wits, and a …Sour? A sour beer? What does that mean? The brewer purposely made the beer acidic to taste tart? Hmmmmm…….

Bacteria are what give the sour beers their distinct taste. Lactobacillus and Pediococcus are the two bacteria that turn the sugars into lactic acid and increase acidity. Brettanomyces is wild yeast that balances the beer with an earthiness. So how do they taste?

At first sip, I thought, “Oooh, too tart!” But then I was asked by the brewer, “Do you like wine?” I replied, “Yes.” He said, “Take another sip and think about wine.” Wow! He was right. The sour took on an entirely new profile. Comparing it to wine, rather than a sour or tart drink, had me appreciating it a lot more. It was crisp, clean, refreshing, tart and fruity. Yay! A brand new way to enjoy a beer.

Sours can be a great alternative to those who don’t love beer but do like wine. For me, they’re a brew to slowly sip and savor the flavor of just one. I must admit, I don’t regularly order a sour. Having it as a sidecar, or just asking for a sample is about my extent. This year I will stop being a sourpuss and find a sweetness for sours.

Now sit back and enjoy your flight!

Breweries News

Neck of The Woods Brewing Has Found Its Home!

Congrats to all of the guys at Neck of The Woods Brewing on finding a home for the brewery!

From The Press Release:


It has been a long wait and at times it seemed that our dream of bringing our brewery to a reality was in jeopardy. At last we now have a location to call home. In conjunction with the Total Turf Experience, brewery partners Frank Price, Paul McIntyre, Dave Surdam and Bruce Lowden are excited to announce that we will locate our new brewery in their newly expanded facility at 614 Lambs Road, Pitman, NJ (Mantua Township).

Neck Of The Woods Brewing will offer unique beers that appeal to a broad group of craft beer drinkers and will use local ingredients when available. There will be several beers that will allow customers to easily transition to craft beer. We are installing a new state-of-the-art 10 barrel brewhouse and fermenters/brite tanks that will be temperature controlled.  Our equipment will allow our brewers to control every aspect of the process while producing consistent high quality beer from batch to batch.

We expect construction of our 4,300 ft² brewery to begin in January and be completed by June – July 2018.

Total Turf has operated a 72,000 ft² full service sports complex and is in the process of completing their 2nd building adding an additional 58,000 ft². In addition to offering all types of youth/adult sports, a fitness center and on-site sports medicine, Total Turf is also home to the American soccer league’s Philadelphia Fury and back-to-back champions of arena football, the Philadelphia Soul. Total Turf’s in-house restaurant The 614 Grille will expand its menu offerings onsite.

Again we are very excited to begin construction in our new home and becoming a part of The Total Turf Experience family.

Stay connected to our website, Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter for progress of the brewery and specials we will be offering. We are very thankful for everyone who likes and follows us on social media. Please be sure to visit and follow us if you haven’t already.

  The Neck Of The Woods Team