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Hi! I Like Beer!


I would walk into a brewery with my husband and he would get greeted like Norm from Cheers.  Me?  A wave or a quick hello, if I was lucky.  But I refused to let this intimidate me. I’d take my tour, read the menu, and confidently order my beer.  I would hold up my glass to look at the color, I’d smell the aroma, and I would take that anticipated first sip.  Mmmmm.  Too bad a lot of women weren’t given the same chit-chat from the bartender as most men got over their selection, but times they are a changing.

Ladies, we know our stuff (or are trying to), and shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions or strike up a conversation with the bartender, brewer, or owner.  I have heard plenty of men ask some pretty silly questions without thinking twice.  Worst yet, I have heard many a man go to order but says he doesn’t like “bitter beers”, doesn’t want anything “too heavy’, nothing “too dark”, and absolutely “hates sours”.  What the heck are you doing in a microbrewery then?  That guy wasn’t holding back, so don’t you. 

We all have to learn to speak up and feel comfortable.  Yes, many times the breweries are so busy that a conversation isn’t possible.  But with so many microbrews opening, you don’t have to go far to find a friendly face.  Don’t be afraid to ask about a beer, and don’t hesitate to ask for a sample.  These breweries are putting their heart, soul, and money into this passion of theirs.  They want you to enjoy your time in their establishment and learn about their product.  After all, we are all there for the same reason…a great beer and a good time.

Now Sit Back And Enjoy Your Flight!

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