Lunacy Brewing Company Celebrating 3rd Anniversary Saturday, 2/10!


Lunacy Brewing Company will be celebrating their 3rd Anniversary on Saturday, February 10th at the taproom in Haddon Heights.  The event will run from 1-8 PM and the guys are going to be giving away swag and prizes all day.  There will be 16 different types of beer on tap including a special new brew or two – including their Chocolate Coconut Stout.  In addition, there will be live acoustic music from Rob McMahon and Ashley Heffren along with a food truck from  Il Fuoco Dentro, who will be making brick oven pizza all day!  “It’s going to be momentous!” co-owner Ed Gledhill told us, and with the rabid fanbase of “lunatics” that Lunacy has, I would expect nothing less!

Lunacy opened in Magnolia in January of 2015 and recently moved to their new location in Haddon Heights in September of 2017.  In those 3 years, Lunacy has built a dedicated fanbase which may be the most loyal in all of South Jersey.  Ed agreed, “We have the best patrons that you can ask for and they spread the Lunacy name to any and all like it’s their job!”  When I asked Ed what it is about Lunacy that people love, he said it “is that all of the guys are really down to earth and approachable” but the “brewery following comes because of the quality of the beer”.  I wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment, you can be the nicest guys in the world, but if your beer is not up to spec, you would not have such a loyal contingent.

Reaching the three-year mark is a fantastic milestone, but it did not come without hard work.  I asked Ed what the one piece of advice that he would give to someone that was looking to open a brewery would be, and he told us, “you better love what you are doing.  There’s truth to the old saying ‘if you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life’ but, trust me, you do indeed work. Aside from that, whatever amount of time/money you think it will take to get to certain plateaus-at least double it. But stick with it and see it through, trust your vision”.

To that point, the guys are in the process of upgrading the brewery to a 15 BBL system.  This will enable them to make more beer and bring mobile canning in to get their beer on to the shelf of your local liquor stores.  “At this point, we are hoping to have it running by spring and canning at some point for sure” Ed explained.  As the brewery has evolved, the biggest change that has occurred is the variety and quality of brews that they have made.  “You learn from your first-year mistakes and we have been lucky not to repeat them,” Ed told us and we could not agree more!

Congratulations to Ed, Mike, Rick, and Jay on this anniversary and we encourage everyone to get to the brewery and join in the revelry!



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