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A Millennial’s Beer Journey with Lauren Emerick!


Editors Note-We would like to introduce another writer who will be contributing to the site, Lauren Emerick. Lauren represents the millennial side of craft beer and will bring her unique take to the site. She has grown up in an era when there has been a local brewery and a significant amount of craft beer available for her to try without going on a quest to find it!  We look forward to hearing her musings as she enriches her beer knowledge! Welcome aboard Lauren!

Hi, my name is Lauren Emerick! I’m a South Jersey native and lover of all things craft beer. I grew up in Egg Harbor Township and have lived here most of my life. I got into craft beer right after I turned 21. My first brewery was Cape May Brewing Company in 2011, the first year that they were in business. It has always remained my favorite New Jersey brewery and it’s been awesome to see them evolve to what they are today. They started with a small tap room that had picnic tables to sit at and now it’s so much bigger! My favorite beer from Cape May Brewing Company is definitely the Cape May IPA! After checking out Cape May Brewery, the hook was set, I couldn’t wait to check out more.

I’m not going to lie, as a girl it used to be a bit intimidating going to breweries but now I feel comfortable going in and knowing what I want to try. I even got my boyfriend to start drinking craft beer and now he enjoys it a lot as well! There can be a stigma that just because you’re a female, you won’t like certain beers or you don’t know what you’re talking about. That’s definitely not true! I’m always posting new beers I try on my Instagram and sharing my thoughts. IPA’s have always been my go-to but I always like to try other styles as well.

Currently, for summer, I’m all about the shandys! A shandy is typically a beer mixed with lemonade or some sort of fruit juice. With a lower ABV, they are very refreshing and great for drinking on the beach.

I love hearing the stories behind the local breweries and enjoying the different vibes at each brewery. We have so many great breweries in South Jersey and each of them are unique in their own way. While I’ve tried quite a few, there’s still so many to explore and more breweries  are opening in what seems like almost every week. I always recommend doing a tour at a new brewery you stop at, even if it wasn’t mandatory (The State of New Jersey requires that you take a tour prior to enjoying a beer). You’ll hear interesting stories and learn something new each time. I’m excited to contribute to South Jersey Beer Scene because it combines two of my favorite things, writing and craft beer. I’m also excited to be another female voice in the craft beer industry and share my thoughts!

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