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Sly Fox and 2SP Release Dog Will Hunt Hoppy Lager

Sly Fox and 2SP Brewing Company Release Dog Will Hunt Collaboration

This Dog Will Hunt

Two of Pennsylvania’s Best Breweries Race to Brew a Hoppy Lager

Pottstown, PA — Sept 8, 2021Sly Fox Brewing Company and 2SP Brewing Company are excited to announce the release of Dog Will Hunt Hoppy Lager, a new collaboration beer that will be coming to select mid-Atlantic taps and retailers in the next few weeks.

“This whole thing started when we were visiting our friends at 2SP, sipping on some delicious beers at their brewery in Aston,” recalls Sly Fox Brewing Company Director of Sales, Peter Giannopoulos. “Both being lager-loving PA brewers, we started talking about our favorite beers and lagers kept hitting the top of our mutual lists.”

Indeed, in the current hazy climate lagers are sometimes overlooked, so the teams at 2SP and Sly Fox decided to collaborate on a style that presented the best of both worlds.

The simple goal behind the collaboration was to make something that the brewers at both 2SP and Sly Fox would want to drink and, in turn, would be well-liked by fans of both breweries.

“It’s quite common for brewers’ go to beers to be the more nuanced, ‘session-able’ ones in their lineup, and that’s what we sought to incorporate into Dog Will Hunt. If we’re getting together, let’s create something that’s both flavorful and a beer that we want to drink,” added Tim Ohst, Director of Brewery Operations at Sly Fox.

While the beermakers were discussing the approach for the hoppy lager they discovered a mutual admiration for the American funk metal band Primus, and the team landed on an obscure soundbite for the beer’s name and label design inspiration.

Like the song for which the beer derives its name, the combination of notes is complex but there is something undeniably satisfying about both.

“We wanted to create a clean, crisp liquid that had some traditional German noble hop character in the flavor, but also explore some of the newer hop varieties coming out of Germany”, offered 2SP brewer Bob Barrar. “Dog Will Hunt features the classic German hop variety Tettnang in the boil, but unlike traditional lager styles, we then dry-hopped this beer with a combination of Hallertau Blanc, Huell Melon, and Callista hops – enhancing the aroma with notes of berry, white grape, and lemongrass.”

The Sly Fox/2SP collaboration beer, Dog Will Hunt Hoppy Lager, will be released at the four Eastern PA Sly Fox pubs and 2SP’s brewery in Aston, PA on Friday, September 10. Wider distribution, including to the six Two Stones Pub locations in Delaware and Pennsylvania, will start during the week of September 13. This limited offering will be distributed throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland.

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