‘Tis The Season


Do you feel it? The holiday season is upon us. Now that my children are older it has lost some of its luster, you might even say I have become a bit of a Grinch. I firmly put the blame on big corporations that force you to feel bad if you don’t get little Billy or Sally the latest and greatest present for Christmas. And let’s not forget all the added stress of making sure your house is decorated and the Christmas dinners are perfect. The one thing that really does make me happy is how our great local Breweries really get into the giving spirit.

The Breweries are always giving back to the community all year long, but during the holidays their elves are working overtime on the giving spirit. I don’t have to list every Brewery that is doing something, because, trust me, they all are doing something. Whether its food drives, toys for tots, love stockings, or just straight up fundraising, there are a ton of options to fit any budget to help those in need over the holidays. The best thing to do is go on social media or the website of your favorite local Breweries and see what’s going on. Then plan a little tour of them and help give back to your community. At the end of the day that is what the season is all about. To be thankful, and to give back what you can. If funds are low then you can volunteer somewhere, and trust me you will feel happy. Personally I plan on visiting as many local breweries as I can in the next few weeks. I know, you’re saying “how’s that any different than usual Tom?”  Here is where it differs.  If I just have 1 flight or pint I can do some good with the money I would normally spend on more beer, and my waistline will be thankful too. So go out to your local Breweries in the next few weeks, and do some good, and as an added bonus drink some really good beers. If every one of our thousands of followers do a little something it will make an incredible impact on your community. I would like to give a special thanks to all or followers who we couldn’t do this without. You are the best.

Enjoy Your Pour

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