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Real Ale Recap: A Firkin Good Time at Yards Real Ale Invitational!

Real Ale Recap:
A Firkin Good Time at Yards Real Ale Invitational
I was lucky enough to win free tickets to Yards Real Ale Invitational, the breweries first at their new location in Northern Liberties. With 48 other breweries and 60 firkins of beer to try, this was a beer event I could not miss. In years past, Yards has hosted the Real Ale Invitational outside of the brewery, with food and tents in their parking lot. This year, everything was inside the brewery and I got an up close look at how Yards brews, cans, and kegs their beers. There was live music, good food, and a great atmosphere. Don’t miss this event next year!
What is Real Ale?
Real Ale is an unfiltered and unpasteurized beer that is conditioned and served from a cask (or firkin) without additional CO2 or nitrogen. It’s normally served at a warmer temperature (50-55 degrees) and has a more complex flavor. Real Ale is very popular in the United Kingdom and has a niche following here in the US. If you haven’t tried Real Ale, I highly recommend it!
Unique and Stand Outs
Yards- ESA and Brawler (my favorite from Yards)
Pizza Boy- Waiting for Rapture: brewed with cacao nibs, guajillo peppers, ancho peppers, and ghost peppers (perfect mix of heat and sweet)
Cape May- Maybe She’s Brewed With It: a kettle-soured ale with cherry and mango.
Greene King- Abbot Ale: Warming, malty and fruity.
Round Guys- Spaceman: orange, grapefruit, and lime zest

13th Child Brewery Making Devilishly Good Brews!

Nestled between South Main Street and Blue Bell Road in Williamstown, sits 13th Child Brewery. The Veteran owned brewery opened on March 1st and has been serving up delicious brews ever since. 13th Child is quaint with a few tables but does have two bars plus bar-top seating at the windows. Its got that small town charm where everyone chimes in a friendly hello and welcomes you to their conversation. The brew tour begins as soon as you walk in, with fermenters and brew kettles hugging the right side of the space but your eyes are ultimately fixed straight ahead (with help from the shape of the building) towards those taps filled with beautiful, tasty, goodness.

Being my first time here, I decided on working my way down the list of their 8 beers with 2 flights. I started with the crowd pleasers (“Dub-Town IPA) and worked my way down through the fruity “Notorious R.A.Z” and “Blues At Sunset” towards the dark depths of the “Leeds Black Heart”, their stout. Now, my go-to beer does not include the letters I, P, or A, I tend to gravitate towards lagers, porters, and stouts. But here at 13th Child, I can honestly say I enjoyed every one of the offerings. Even the IPAs. They say the Devil is in the details, and 13th Child Brewery delivers big flavor in a small setting.


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Human Village Brewing Company: Enter as Nomads, Stay as Villagers!

Human Village Brewing Company: Enter as nomads, stay as villagers.

If you have not recently been to Pitman, you are certainly missing out on some fantastic beer. Over the last few years, it has become easier to enjoy a brew in the historically dry town. I like to joke that Pitman isn’t dry, its damp. The town still does not have a liquor store, but Pitman does have breweries. One you need to get to is Human Village Brewing Company.

From their flagship “Beers and the Bees”, a Golden Ale brewed with generous amounts of raw local wildflower honey from Anthony’s Local Honey Farm, to their Dry English Porter, “London Calling”, Human Village has something for everyone.  And for the non-drinkers, Human Village brews up their own rotating craft soda (soon to have more flavors available for flights). You can also sit back and enjoy your own personal pot of coffee.

Human Village operates in what used to be Bus Stop Cafe, a well-known spot for live music,  and the music has not died. Vinyl records hang on the walls, and there is always great music playing. On Thursday nights, you can enjoy local musicians as they come up on Open Mic Nights. Usually, a few spots remain open in case you get the liquid courage to jump on stage play a tune.

Coming Soon:

“Pucker Gently”- a black raspberry sour

Look! Cans! Human Village is now offering cans of their beer so you aren’t limited to just growlers to go. You can pick up what they are calling a “Mix Tape” of cans of your favorite Human Village beer to take out!

To Find Out More About Human Village Brewing Company, check out the links below!


Facebook: @humanvillagebrewingco

Twitter:  @humanbrewing

Instagram:  humanbrewing

Human Village Brewing Company is located at 148 S. Broadway, Pitman, NJ