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Ravenclaw and proud. I like cold beer, tacos, quoting movies, and foxes. Occasionally singing backup vocals for War Twins. Frequently calling Kenny Loggins for being in the Danger Zone.

Alcohol Free Area Street Sign

6 of the Best Non-Alcoholic Beers

The non-alcoholic beer scene used to consist of one or two major brands producing a not-so-great-tasting product. However, according to a GlobalData report from earlier this year, Non-alcoholic beer has become the fastest growing product in the beer industry…


13th Child Brewery Making Devilishly Good Brews!

Nestled between South Main Street and Blue Bell Road in Williamstown, sits 13th Child Brewery. The Veteran owned brewery opened on March 1st and has been serving up delicious brews ever since. 13th Child is quaint with a few tables…