Clark Sweeney

Ravenclaw and proud. I like cold beer, tacos, quoting movies, and foxes. Occasionally singing backup vocals for War Twins. Frequently calling Kenny Loggins for being in the Danger Zone.

Beer 101

Hi Everyone. My Name is Clark and I Don’t Like IPA’s

Hi, Everyone. This is Clark. Clark doesn't like IPA's.

Nobody Actually Likes The Taste of Beer According to a new study, scientists have found out that you don’t prefer hoppy beers based on your taste genes, but rather the association on how it makes you feel. Researchers were looking into how genetics affects our taste in drinks, and how they could help find ways to help people’s diets. “People like the way coffee and alcohol make them feel. That’s why they drink it. It’s not the taste.” said Marilyn…

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13th Child Brewery Making Devilishly Good Brews!

Nestled between South Main Street and Blue Bell Road in Williamstown, sits 13th Child Brewery. The Veteran owned brewery opened on March 1st and has been serving up delicious brews ever since. 13th Child is quaint with a few tables…